I have mixed feelings about Jesse Eisenberg’s Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. On the one hand, his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network was such a good portrayal! (That is a great movie, you guys. I know I’m going to ruffle a few feathers saying that, but I refuse to remain silent about this hidden gem no one knows about!) On the other hand, it’s not like he disappeared into the role or anything. Still pretty Jesse Eisenberg-y, if you know what I mean. Oh wait, I just remembered: fuck the Academy Awards either way no matter what. Well, I guess that settles that! Although, if there is a final determining factor in February’s race for the Most Important and Meaningful Prize on Earth, the Academy should take into account Eisenberg’s hosting of Saturday Night Live this week, because THAT is the role into which he disappeared, and I still mean that in a good way. This week’s episode was about as close as this show has come in recent memory to just not having a host? Eisenberg, as a second Andy Samberg, just melted into most of the sketches, and as a slight, pale, unassuming Jew, there wasn’t much for the writers to play off of, and I mean that in a good way, too. Sometimes those writers play off of things and it’s like, take it easy, writers.

So, how is Saturday Night Live when the host loses focus and it just becomes a late night sketch comedy show? PRETTY GOOD!

Saturday Night Live took a huge RISK by doing a parody of MTV’s Skins (#rawls). Personally, I’m always a sucker for product placement jokes, but the part I actually liked best was Andy Samberg’s impression of an MTV executive. Subway sandwiches, so good.

For perfunctory reasons, I’m including this week’s Digital Short, which I suppose is notable for its John Waters cameo and Nicki Minaj guest verse, although it’s not actually “funny”? I guess a baby in a suit with a gross mustache is funny, but the song itself just seems like a pretty standard hip hop track with questionable thematics. The Lonely Island boys have proven that they can make pretty spot-on parodies but this one just seemed to be stylistic without any surprise jokes. Should I dissect it some more? Should we just spend the rest of the day dissecting it?

El Shrinko was really funny.

The best straight up Lots Of Love jokes of the night were on Weekend Update, as usual, since that is where they just tell jokes, duh. But this week had some REALLY good ones, many of which are collected in this useful montage:

Man, Charlie Sheen with a briefcase. Hahahhaha. Subway so good.

Also there was the Bride of Blankenstein sketch, which is either the best thing I have ever seen or the worst thing I have ever seen, but I am kind of leaning towards best. I mean, it is so cheap and corny and trades so loosely in racial (and Jewish) stereotypes, but also it is called BRIDE OF BLACKENSTEIN SO I MEAN WHAT EXACTLY WERE YOU EXPECTING?

Also, I’m really into the three teenage girls who just LOST THEIR MINDS every time Nicki Minaj appeared on the show, including when she appeared in pre-taped segments. Haha. OK, girls. Her album’s not even that good, so. Just kidding, girls, scream it up! You are so happy, I love it!

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  1. In recognition of the Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Samberg, and Jesse Eisenberg, I’m changing my name to werttrewberg. Or maybe grebwerttrewberg.

  2. LOLS #Rawls is all, “Oh, well but you have to admit the writers of SNL took some risks; if anything, THAT IS showbiz.”

    Also, Niki Minaj = Ucky Garb-aj.
    Throw her in the Ke$ha bin

  3. Awk-berg!

  4. I really enjoyed SNL this week. I had a feeling once I saw that Jesse was hosting that it wasn’t going to be it’s usual shit show. Sho’ nuff, mad LOL’s.

    PS. Not to sound like an old lady( yourmom), but what’s a Nicky Minaj?

  5. Bride of Blackenstein was my favorite, but it’s very hard to make intentionally funny jokes at Blaxploitation flicks who already accomplished being funny, unintentionally. Has anyone ever seen Black Dynamite? Probably the best spoof I’ve ever seen.

  6. Gabe, No love for the Mr Wizard sketch?

  7. I think it’s adorable how nervous Jesse was the entire show, especially during the monologue. I think that’s why he was in the show so little, ’cause he just didn’t want to be on stage all that much. I can understand that.

    Also Bill Hader in the Blackenstein sketch was probably my favorite thing of the night. “Looks like we gon’ have some warewolves, ‘cuz it’s a full moon tonight. Hehehehe…”

    • I think Jesse was in nearly every sketch? He was in Blackenstein, the one about the spa, the Skins sketch, the Mr Wizard sketch, the penis pills sketch, the Don’t Forget the Lyrics sketch… I can’t remember all the sketches, but that feels like a pretty comprehensive list.

      In fact, the only stuff he wasn’t in was the pre-recorded stuff like the commercial for the hormone pills and the digital short. Also not featured in the cold open, but that was sort of a one-woman show.

  8. City College is now fully integrated.

  9. Oh my god — Mark Zuckerberg was just so happy to be out of the house! Dude was giggling it up and leaking with excitement throughout his entire 30-second appearance. Relax, Mark!

    • Question: do we all agree that that wasn’t funny [the Zuckerberg part]? The whole I-can-make-fun-of-myself thing with public figures is becoming de rigueur and beyond bland. I did enjoy seeing that Zuckerberg honestly cannot keep it together in front of 1) people and 2) cameras.

  10. Jesse Eisenberg
    He was fantastic. I loved it. He nailed all his sketches.

    Mr. Wizard
    Nasim Pedrad’s delivery of “Yeah, hurry up” was AMAZING! Oh my god, I died.

    Do the Creep
    1. I loved all the slomo shots of the guys creeping on people in various locales. The slowmo shoulder shrugs in the tree were great. The faces they were all making were fan-fucking-tastic.

    2. I can’t help but like John Waters. I always feel weird admitting that. I think it’s because I should know more about him before I decide to say I’m a fan (for instance, I have not seen a single one of his films, I have a vague knowledge of his backstory, and I have not read anything he’s written). I think I just love how unapologetically and enthusiastically creepy he appears to be. There’s a sincerity and honesty to it, and I like him for that. He seems harmless and good-humored. Devious, sure. I need to read up on him.

    Bride of Blackenstein
    Considering it was a parody of blaxploitation flicks, the stereotypes within that sketch were completely within the lines of hilarity. I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t laugh out loud a whole lot, but I enjoyed it from start to finish. Bill Hader’s line about werewolves and full moons was THE BEST.

    Speaking of Bill Hader, I loved it when he lost his shit as Herb Welch because he was about to deliver the line in an old, out-of-touch man who remembers racial segregation. “Lay it on me, my man.” I’m laughing right now as I type this.

    Spa Talk was a swing and a miss.

    “The film stars Jesse Eisenberg, a seasoned veteran of white people movies like Adventureland, where a young man is sad because he has a job.”

    “My best friend is Oprah.”

    • I thought the Tyler Perry bit was one of the best things they’ve done. I loved that they simultaneously took him down for his garbage movies but also turned a pretty harsh light on his critics and the movies they might celebrate, as evidenced by the Adventureland swipe. White People Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #realtalk

    • Yes, totes agreed.

      I will never not find this hysterical:

    • Spa Talk. I really enjoyed. For Kristen Wiig alone. It was like I was watching Kristen suck all the laughs out of the other players to sustain herself like a Comedy-Vampire.

      “Her Bush was out for a whole minute” Not funny.
      “Turtle Doodles” Funny.

  11. Regarding the Digital Short, I liked it. It was catchy, a little weird and I want to be a creep for Halloween.

    Also, John Waters continues to be the super best.

  12. Wow, it was not Kristin Wiig’s night at all. The few sketches she was in fell flat, flat, flat.

  13. I think this was SNL’s best night for one-liners for awhile, or at least one-liners that I loved. I am going to be saying “Big wieners are for the birds” and “Double dribble, baby” for probably the next year.

    Also, I enjoy Nicki Minaj as an entity, but the Digital Short song is probably better than most of her album.

    Also, Dana Carvey/ Linkin Park next week? That is . . . a pairing.

  14. I’d like to take a second and talk about the other great show that was on this weekend: Portlandia

    I don’t think I could love Fred Armisen or Carrie Brownstein more.

  15. I was amazed at how different Eisenberg looks when he has a different hairstyle. He looked so different in that Spa Talk sketch especially.

  16. I want a Jesse-Eisenberg-as-Igor servant to assist me in all my daily activities.

  17. Bill Hader’s blaxploitation face was perfect.

  18. Zuckerberg, age 8:

  19. The ‘M’ stands for ‘MUUAAAEEEGGHHHH!’

  20. As if I didn’t already want to bang Eisenberg after hearing he fosters cats, he goes and hosts SNL wonderfully. Honey, I will take your El Shrinko dinko any night of the week!

  21. I’m a cantankerous old curmudgeon, so I only rarely laugh at jokes out loud. I just kind of give that knowing “that was funny” smile and keep watching. But when Jesse Eisenberg sang “Celebrate Saddam Hussein”, I choked on my Pepsi Max™** while laughing, which was worse because I was in a public place.

    ** This comment not at all brought to you by the tasty, low-calorie Pepsi Max, so don’t go to your nearest grocery store and buy up their supply.

  22. Bill Hader had that DOWN!! hilarious. He’s either seen his fare share of exploitation films or hung out with blacks (not that he would have had to, just an observation)

    all in all, lots of LOLz for this SNL

  23. well, i for one emerged from this episode with a huge, brand-new crush on Jesse Eisenberg, but i’m a sucker for a guy who can talk to me about my uterine lining. that’s just me.

  24. My concern for this episode is that Jason Sudeikis needs to work on his Robert Osborne impression. Close but not quite

  25. it was a good episode.

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