Admittedly, it seems like a more straight-forward approach would have also worked just fine. You know, something like, “Hey, we have a lot of caring and intelligent people who would love to help you find a safe, legal, and pragmatic solution to what must obviously be a very stressful situation in your life, but please know that you do not need to feel hopeless or alone.” But, you know, a terrible fake rap song also works. I hope? Don’t get me wrong, I am making fun of this video but I HOPE TO GOD IT WORKS. No more babies in the trash and/or prom toilet now please, ladies, thanks. (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)

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  1. It’s Friday! Get me out of here, right?

    Until then, there’s always chat?
    password: enhance

  2. YAY Massachusetts!! I use to see this commercial all the time before i moved to NY now I;m homesick

  3. It’s Friday!

  4. Big fan of the “BABY! Say BABY!” breakdown at the end.

  5. “You know there was a time where I’d help you raise this little dumpster baby brother of mine like a son. But that’s gone now ’cause you ruined it. You threw your babies away. And you threw your swords away. You threw your golf clubs and your tasty treats! And ya know what? I found ‘em. And I’m gonna raise all of them!”

  6. a) only people who like rap have unwanted babies who can’t get adopted (you see what I’m saying? IT’S RACISM TIME) and b) YouTube recommends “Latch Time Part 1 of 3″ with this video.

    So, there’s those things.

  7. a) only people who like rap have unwanted babies who can’t get adopted (you see what I’m saying? IT’S RACISM TIME) and b) YouTube recommends “Latch Time Part 1 of 3″ with this video.

    So, there’s those things.

  8. Don’t want to get all political on here, but I am pro-choice. If a woman wants to throw her baby in the trash, that is her perogative!

    • If tone could be conveyed properly on the Internet, I would launch into a ridiculous rant taking you seriously, but it can’t, or well, it could if I made it absurd enough, but I’m feeling lazy so I’m just going to laugh and upvote.

    • But only in the first trimester after it is born. Once the baby is 3 months, she needs a doctor’s note.

  9. “Up Next: First Latch 1 of 3″

  10. But what about the bathwater?

  11. the actual baby at the 0:11 mark? I don’t think that’s her baby?
    Also those doctors look young.

  12. Uh, did anyone else get a giant close up of a woman breastfeeding after the video was done? Because… I did.

  13. I’m still not clear…. what should I do with my unwanted baby?

  14. Baby Safe Haven: Like a dumpster, but better

  15. I read the headline as “Please don’t throw your baby in the GARAGE” at first and I kept thinking, “A garage is pretty strange place for a baby… Must be a trampoline accident video…” The reality of the situation is both better and worse.

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! LIVING BRATZ DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yes! Songs are the best for remembering stuff! I’ve been singing the Spanish alphabet I learned in the 9th grade all day.

    “A B C Ch D E F (A B C Ch D E F) G H I J K (G H I J K) L (L) LL (LL) M N N O P Q R RR S T (Q R RR S T) U V W X (U V W X) Y (Y) Z (Z) … something something something ALPHABETO!”

  18. Oh wait. DON’T throw the baby in the garbage? Now I’m getting confused.

  19. I got the shock of my life when that bunch of rags she was holding turned into a 5 year old for a split second.

  20. Get that baby a tan and a modeling contract, pronto.

  21. If you like it when old people compose awkward rap lyrics, you’ll love not abandoning a child in the garbage!

  22. Did anyone else find that “No Strings Attached” line a bit out of place? Like, you’re selling child abandonment like a auto loan deferral? Anyone? Bueller?

    No Strings Attached 2: Miracle at the Southwest Precinct

  23. I hope Notsewfast is not in a trash can, he’s been MIA lately

  24. Oh man…Ummm…I kind of wish you would have posted this video last week before my Winter Formal…It would have helped me alot…I mean, my friend…It would have helped my FRIEND alot.

    • Your friend probably wouldn’t have flushed her baby down the prom-toilet. Cruel world, why do such specific lavatories exist?!?

      • Is there a segment on I Love The 90s about prom toilet babies because there were SO MANY prom toilet babies in the 90s. I don’t really hear about them much anymore, but that might be because I don’t watch I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

  25. ooh a baby

  26. All of my girlfriends and boyfriends in one place.

  27. The creates of this PSA should have had the actors sing ‘Please don’t throw your baby in the garbage’ to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” PSA complete.

  28. Fake rap song? Come on, that song was gnome joke.

  29. Safe Haven? What happened to the good ole days when you could just flush the vile thing down the toilet and go back to prom?

  30. Do you want me to write you a rap?
    I’ll write you a rap.

  31. Dead baby joke time…?

    Maybe not…

    Or maybe…?

  32. T.R.A.S.H. rules everything around me.

  33. I’m not sure which is worse – this video, the fact that this video has a target audience, the rap, or the “BABY’s FIRST LATCH” related video that comes up right afterwards.

  34. This is so short sighted. I ask you then Gabe, where will we get our Garbage Pail Kids of tomorrow?

  35. There was a White Castle in Columbus, Ohio (recently closed, boohoo) that was a SafePlace. The first time I saw the sign on their door I thought it was joke. Nope.

    So: pregnant teens, don’t throw your babies away! Take them to White Castle! And get some sliders while you’re at it.

  36. Just, w/r/t White Castle, this made me laugh for a ridiculous length of time:

  37. can’t wait for the kidz bopz version!

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