Admittedly, not that much worse than Regular Adrian Grenier, but definitely a little worse. Like, I’m certainly glad that he’s your Adrian Grenier and not my Adrian Grenier, thank you very much. Haha. Oh well. Sucks 2 b u. (Thanks for the tip, GoldenFiddle.)

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  1. “Even I don’t think this song is any good.”

    -Chet Hanks

  2. I’m sorry but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? That’s it. I’m checking into the assisted living facility early.

  3. Congrats T.V. John. You’re no longer the worst musical act to appear on Videogum today.

  4. Aquaman, where has your life gone…

  5. Well Gabe, if this is what we are gonna do today, highlight campy bad singing that will be a popular meme a score of years from now, let’s just open this time capsule already:

  6. On the bright side, Adrien Grenier has invented a new genre: punktry.

  7. Few people’s eyes scream “I look so good right now” like Adrian Grenier. Ugh.

  8. Taking cues from Brad and Tom, but the joke is on…us? No, that’s not right. On himself.

  9. I can’t believe E let him do this. Ari is going to flip.

  10. I’d hit that.

  11. At least he’s got his incredible talent as an actor to fall back on.

    • At least he still has his “Drive Me Crazy” money to keep living off.

      • At least his show, which watching is basically mental masturbation for morons, attracts morons who project themselves on a hollow character that attracts no real drama and basically just parties and sleeps with women.

  12. This is the Platonic ideal of what happens when an douche from a heroin addicted suburb on the east coast becomes when he is heroin better looking heroin free, than all the rotted face, in and out of jail addicts he grew up with moves to the South and decides to imitate his version of life there.

  13. What in the name of all that is holy is this crap. This is inexcusable on every level. Why is he singing like that? What is up with his face? AHHH!!!

  14. I believe the emotion I am feeling about this would best be classified as entou-rage.

  15. Looks like we’re right on track for 2012. I’ll take full credit- he is my Adrian Grenier, after all.

  16. “Thinly veiled Napoleon Dynamite references are still funny, right? And how about we put in a bit about how Asians can’t say their L’s?” -Ari Gold

  17. Well, THIS is still MY Adrian Grenier.


  18. Gabe, just wanted to let you know that if you don’t ever want to post anything about this TALES OF POWER thing again, that’s ok with me.

  19. I live in Alberta. I have a feeling I’m going to hear this song on the radio a lot.

  20. i’m really nervous that someone in my dorm heard me listening to this. i mean what would YOU think if you heard this playing from your neighbor’s room? i would at least be very careful about making eye contact as we passed in the hall.

  21. It is my duty to point out that Neil Peart is in this movie.

    It is my further duty to point out that Neil Peart sucks.

    • I cannot honestly tell how serious you are being with this comment, so I’ll just say to be careful, mister. You are on some thin ice here.

  22. Geddy? Is that you? Joe Flaherty knows what I’m talkin’ about.

  23. I’m just surprised nobody’s photoshopped a still of Gabe’s face over Adrian Grenier’s face. There’s a similarity there is all I’m saying, dearest Internet friends. I’ve come to expect certain things. Maybe it’s high time I learn how to “photoshop.”

  24. How come there are no Winter Jams?

  25. so. country, rap rock, and ska. right.

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