“Neat!” — no one.

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  1. “Kill me.” – everyone

  2. “Well, it worked for Imperial Stars

  3. I think http://www.carstuckgirls.com just found their new spokesperson!

  4. Wow, they are just like us! Just replace the maserati with a chevy, the smile for a frown, and everyone caring for no one caring.

  5. Traffic Warning: Rich Douche Photo Op 500 ft.

  6. They both make excellent decisions.

  7. The photo of her and Phyllis Diller’s Oldsmobile is even better

  8. “Gotcha, Karen Corango!” – Brad Pitt

  9. I could say something nasty, but isn’t NY beautiful today?

  10. “I don’t care who you are or what you drive.” -The Weather

  11. I’m just reeling from the fact that Katie Couric isn’t a CBS hologram.

  12. The two guys in the truck represent America.

  13. I actually don’t care that he’s driving a Maserati so much as he’s driving around in Manhattan at all. Non-assholes generally avoid this activity.

    • Actually, only an asshole would drive a Maserati in Manhattan. Between the paint-swapping taxis, ridiculous potholes, one-way streets, and races between stop lights, having a 4.7L, 434 hp V8 Maserati GranCabrio with a top speed of somewhere around 180 mph in NYC makes you a huge asshole that doesn’t care about scraping off the paint, destroying the transmission, or ripping out the drive shaft of your $100,000+ car.

      …oh and in the snow. Great. #automotivegum

  14. So I was going to leave another comment just now when I sat at my desk and found three curly coarse black hairs in front of my keyboard and they are definitely not mine. I’m disgusted and forgot what i was going to say.

  15. “Why don’t you caption it?” -No One again

  16. Driving a Maserati = Rich Asshole
    Driving a Maserati in the SNOW = Stupid Rich Asshole
    Pushing a Stupid Rich Asshole’s Maserati out of the Snow = News Anchor(?)

  17. oh those crazy kids!! i usually get my servants to do that. who has time to get out of their Maserati???

  18. I only know two things about Barry Diller: 1) he is rich, and 2) his name makes me giggle for no apparent reason.

  19. They funny thing is that he was on his way to rescue her! Her Bugate Veron was stuck! lol whoops!

  20. is that her boyyyyyyyyyyyyyfriend (read: in italics)

  21. HAHAHAHAHA. The Maserati is a metaphor. Get it?

  22. They should have just waited for Tina Brown to bring her tow truck.

  23. Go team, go!
    Get that Maserati outta the snow!
    Go team GOOOO!!!

  24. “Tonight, on a CBS Nightly News exclusive report: Local hero single-handedly saves stranded man and prevents potential months-long traffic jam. Just saying.”

  25. Rich people, is there anything they can’t do?

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