Winter is the season where everything dies so that it can be reborn, right? That sounds about right. The world just crawls into its grave and then three months later a baby world is born! (Unless, of course, and it is annoying to have to keep saying this, but not as annoying as the fact of it, you live in a warm place where I guess winter is just, like, the time when you wear breakaway pants to exercise on the beach or whatever?) What I’m trying to say is that I know the games have been a bit weak lately. Feeble. They’re like the rest of us: sick and tired. Holiday Movies, Winter Movies and now Warmer Movies? Good grief. Oh well. I’m sure one day we will have SPRING GAMES FEVER, but right now it’s like can we just go back to bed? Let’s play a game in six months. Well, some of us say NO. Some of us, not very many of us, almost none of us really, but some of us say WE ARE STILL HERE. AND SO WE SHALL PLAY THIS STUPID GAME.

  1. Space-heater Balls
  2. Blanket & Leopold
  3. Tea 2: Judgement Tea
  4. Wool’s Gold
  5. Entering Las Vegas

I would say something like “Pro-Tip: getting your heart rate going during a good game of Warmer Movies really helps you beat those winter chills!” but that’s not true. It’s just a redundant wordplay game on the Internet. Let’s just get through this, you guys.

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  1. The Blanket Check

  2. Trading Fireplaces

  3. Heat


  4. Warmed and Dangerous

  5. Uggs, Actually

  6. Some Like It Hot Coco

  7. Breakin’ 2: Electric Blanket Boogaloo

  8. Love and other Uggs

  9. Seven Easy Fleeces

  10. The Coatbook

  11. Soup-er

  12. Tea fast, Brew furious

  13. Full Down Jacket

  14. Batman Forever Lazy

  15. The Darjeeling Tea Limited

  16. Snood Runner (or Do Androids Dream of Electric Blankets)

  17. Fire Fire

  18. Boyz in the Hoodie

  19. The King’s Fleece

  20. Some Like A Hot Toddy

  21. Sunforgiven

  22. Gosford Parka

  23. The InWARMant!

  24. 2001: A Space Hottessey

  25. Warm Hand Like

  26. The Lighter

  27. The Snuggie Also Rises

  28. Independence Day

  29. Four Weddings and a duffle coat

  30. The Hottie, and the Hottie.

  31. True Grits

  32. The Exercist

  33. Sunshine!!!!!!!! (jumps off a building)

  34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlenecks

  35. Casablanket

  36. The Good, The Bad, and The UGGly

  37. Edward Shiverhands

  38. A Streetcar Named Fire

  39. 127 Degrees

  40. The King’s Slanket

  41. Lady in the Hot Water Bottle

  42. Sauna of the Dead

  43. The Covers Boylen Girl

  44. Curly Soup

  45. The Royal Tennenburns

  46. Spring now

  47. The Big Grill

  48. I Hearth Huckabees

  49. Sleeveless in Seattle

  50. Gore-Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  51. Forrest Gumbo

  52. Sweat Hot American Summer

  53. The Social Turtleneckwork

  54. Black Hawk Down Comforter

  55. Life According to Scarf

  56. An Inconvenient Truth

  57. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Snow Pants

  58. Pulp Friction

  59. Batman Begins To Get A Little Warm

  60. Long Underwear the Wild Things Are

  61. Electric Blanket Bingo

  62. Furnace ventura

  63. Slanket’ 2: Electric Blanket

  64. The Good Sun

  65. Curly Kotatsu

  66. North by North Face

  67. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlenecks

  68. The Brave Little Toastier

  69. Get Smart Wool Socks

  70. To Russia with Gloves

  71. Chariots Afire

    (I don’t really understand this game because I got a sunburn on my lunchbreak today.)

  72. The Boy in the Striped Pajama Jeans

  73. Humid Centipede

  74. Wool Street

  75. The Coat Locker

  76. (500) Days of Summer

  77. Long Underwear the Wild Things Are

  78. Any film by Danny Boil.

  79. Bring It Onsen

  80. The Hot Spiced Cider with Orange Peel and Cloves House Rules
    Hot Sweeny Toddy
    Bonfire at the Beach Properties
    Boiled room
    2001: space heater odessy

  81. Burned On the fourth of July

  82. Bend it Like Bunsen

  83. Star Warms: A New Coat

  84. Burn While Reading

  85. eternal sunshine of the summer time

  86. 500 Days of Summer

    The Thinsu-late Show

  87. The Life Caloric with Stove Zissou

  88. All Quiet on the Warm Front

  89. A Bridge to Fur

  90. Romeo + July

  91. I have nothing to contribute. I just wanted to say you’re all geniuses.

  92. The Longest Day (June 21)

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