Well, here it is, but that was not done with your usual speed, Internet. Are you OK? Are you sick?

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  1. Her quest for anonymity seems to be going well.

  2. This would have been better if it was water-gurgled instead of auto-tuned.

  3. Judging by the Antoine Dodson Infamy Scale, she is now about 20% of the way to her own reality show. Next stop: parody until it’s no longer funny. Then comes the merchandise.

  4. With your Dad’s video to Selena Gomez and your Mom’s reply to The State of the Union Address and this, today has been an all aound yikes day here at videogum.

  5. I’m confused about this meme. Are we laughing at the lady, or the media treatment of the video? Because honestly, it’s worth a smirk, but it wasn’t THAT funny. I would imagine someone falls into a fountain somewhere in the world at least once per week. Have any of you ever been to Europe? They have SO MANY FOUNTAINS.

    But if the funny part is the fact that this made national news, then that doesn’t really explain all of the follow-up memery. I just don’t get it.

    • I, personally, am laughing at this stupid woman for choosing to go on several television shows to talk about how she hopes no one sees her stupid video. Also, I am laughing at her for suing the mall. I am extra laughing about her suing the mall.

    • I think it’s the lady’s reaction, and how coming forward about it had the opposite effect from what she intended.

      The whole reason this became a story is because she heard the video was on youtube, and was (I gather) embarrassed by it. Of course, there was no reason to be embarrassed since nobody could have recognized her from the video unless she came forward and contacted the TV station about it. Which she did.

      Now, everyone knows she’s the boob who fell in the fountain and it’s all her fault that they know.


      • Yeah, but if that’s the case, then she clearly WANTED to be recognized from it, regardless of what she says. Otherwise she would not have contacted the TV station. So all of this memery is just giving her what she wants. And I stand firmly against giving ANYBODY what they want. Especially ladies who look like Mike Myers.

        • That’s a good policy. She seems to be hell bent on being perceived as a victim, and you should never give someone like that the satisfaction.

          I declare this meme OVER!

      • These guys know how to handle shit:

    • Some of the reasons why I made the autotune:

      1. the sheer comic value of watching someone texting and then toppling over into a fountain
      2. the fact that the woman came forward to the national media after wanting to remain anonymous
      3. the fact that this woman WORKS AT THAT MALL and still fell in the fountain
      4. she was arrested for stealing money from her coworker
      5. i love the challenge of trying to make a catchy song out of nothing

      umm….i’m sure I could come up with more reasons, but I think that’s enough. thanks for watching it y’all!

  6. That lower third graphic is the best. “Fountain Lady Fights Back”. Against the…attack? By the fountain?

  7. You know how I hope the whole Fountain Lady saga ends? With a massive lawsuit. Fountain Lady v. The Entire World. To be argued in front of the United States Supreme Court. Televised live, on every network, around the world, in an epic, primetime, legal showdown.

    And on the way into the courthouse she trips and falls into a fountain. Boom. Full circle.

  8. I eagerly await the porn parody “Mountin’ the Fountain Lady.”

  9. She still hasn’t learned the most important rule; own your embarrassment. Yes, you did something stupid, OWN UP TO IT! It happens, even to the best of us (not to me though). And seriously, can you blame people for laughing?

    But, uh, stay on topic DSN… uh… I can’t listen to this while at work? There. That’ll do.

  10. Maybe she’ll get on Tosh.0 and he can give her a re-do (that’s not what he calls it, but you catch my drift). WAIT! Web redemption! GD, I love it when my giant brain kicks into overdrive!

    Anyway, this lady can get internet dollars from this all, right? RIGHT??? She could be an internet-anaire! Or better, she could be the next fountain-falling Justin Bieber! YouTube – making lives better one stream at a time…

  11. Poor internet…

    It catches every water-born disease there is!

  12. “I Was Actually SEXTING” is the Season 2 theme to Skins US

  13. don’t mind me, i’m just testing…
    Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Charlie Sheen scandal stinks:

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