Wait for it.

Obviously, most of this seems pretty reasonable, you know, picnic stuff. But I don’t see a cooler anywhere? HOW DO THEY KEEP THE DRINKS COLD? (Thanks for the tip, Brandon.)

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  1. Are sure this is Albania, and not Alabama? It would explain a lot of dead birds.

  2. Something something shotgun a beer.

  3. “What happens when the bullets fall?” – 10 year old me

  4. It looks like they’re having a blast. Kill me.

  5. I thought they were gonna use their guns as instruments, but, guess they don’t roll like I do

  6. Ironically, the song they’re singing is the Albanian version of “Give Peace a Chance.”

  7. Further proof that Albian Folk Music is a bad influence on people.

  8. Their barbershop gun quartet is sounding great.

  9. Guns and Picnics? Seems more American than Albanian

  10. 3 Killed, 14 Injured by Bullet Rain

    ALBANIA – Officials were baffled when a mysterious rain of bullets killed 3 and injures 14 more in a small town in Albania. “I heard gun fire maybe 3 towns away, but didn’t think much of it,” one villager told us. “We thought it was just old man Perkins’ pig harvest on his farm again.”

  11. NO NO NO! I said “fire ANTS” you guys. Calm down! Fire ANTS.

  12. The gunshots are remarkable, but I think they’re only doing it to hold me back from something, like dessert.

  13. I, too, cheered when I heard the kalashnikov. It was very moving.

  14. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who can resist peer pressure, like for instance when friends hand me a pipe full of marijuana and I politely decline. So I think I would do well at the Albanian picnic, is my point.

  15. Where the bitchez at??? or something.

  16. I don’t know because I haven’t shot a lot of guns, but is it really that boring? I would think they’d be more excited and enthusiastic about it? Some of those guys could barely be bothered enough to lift their arms up while they fired.

  17. Eastern European peasants are the best!

  18. For the first 5 seconds, I was like, “psshhh… not enough guns”.

    Then I was like, “THERE we go”.

    Still could have used more quirky dancing and hand-holding, though, personally.

  19. What? You’ve never seen a bunch of dudes having a picnic before?

  20. Thank goodness it’s a guys-only picnic. You know if their wives were there they’d all be nagging on them to stop wasting bullets. wives… ugh.

    • Exactly my thought. While watching I was torn between the notion that Albania is a really safe place (because if not, they would conserve their bullets for more pressing bullet purposes), but then I weigh that against how personally safe I’d feel at that picnic (not very).

  21. That’s one weird looking Mumford and Sons open-air gig.

  22. gay and blanks

  23. Still not seeing what’s weird here, guys. How on earth do YOU picnic?

  24. The US may be 29th in the world in math and sciences education, but Albania has to be 120th. I present a trajectory graph:

  25. I shocked this was such a sausage fest.

  26. “The more guns people have, the safer we are.”
    - NRA

  27. You guys have obviously never dealt with long-term exposure to Albanian folk music. Believe me, you’d all keep a mouth-gun handy as well.

  28. Man, I love albanian metallica covers.

  29. I hope my 30th birthday party is just like this.

  30. Me, at 0:17 of this video: “What a nice picnic. There’s music, meat on buns, what could be better?”
    Me, at 0:18 of this video: “AHHH……………………………………………what?”

  31. I’ll take irresponsible gun ownership over Ed Hardy ownership ANY day of the week.

  32. Did anyone else watch the whole thing just to make sure no one died?

  33. Is good party when Ricky Sargulesh is free man.

  34. This doesn’t look very safe.

  35. that is the best “wait for it” ever.

  36. Note to Self: When attending Albanian picnic, request to be seated on the musician’s blanket.

  37. I don’t think they need a cooler.

  38. OMG, Albania looks amazing. SO going there!

  39. I think the coolers are at the bottom of the river, containing the women who are clearly not welcome at this picnic.

  40. I do not know whether you have any Albanian friend from you? ALBANIA never let you down, Albania. really proud of you

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