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  1. See also: White people Wrapping poorly

  2. When I’m not showing my vagina, or yelling at nannies, I enjoy the hip hop bip bop

  3. This is so offensive. It’s just racist to link to these white people’s terrible rap videos. I expected better from Videogum.

    • Ermm…for anyone who didn’t try to click on this in the first 30 seconds it was posted*, this is referring to the fact that it was originally put up with a broken link. My joke attack is justified, damnit!

      *What’s wrong with you? You need to get on schedule!

  4. It’s people like this, and every other white rapper, that give white rappers a bad name.

  5. False advertising! That first video also had a black guy rapping poorly.

  6. When asked to comment, Chet Hanks said simply “knitters, please.”

  7. Gabe, how dare you post a link to something that makes fun of someone from my race. I guess the fact that you did this the one time just proves that you are, in fact, a total racist. I am never reading this site again. As it is just so beyond the pale* now.

    *pun NOT intended, you people that try to make jokes out of serious things. I suppose you think that dignified people like the Pope, John McCain, Kim Kardashian, and Keyboard Cat are funny as well?? HOW DARE YOU!


  9. Off topic:

    What’s with the posts today coming at kinda random times like 3:12 and 4:23?

    I’m so lost!

  10. Looks like somebody is just copying boing boing today. What’s next? Steampunk crap and whining about copyright laws and wikileaks?

  11. They rapped… poorly

  12. Obviously, ya’ll mad today! I just would like to say Gabe has some of the funniest posts on the interblogz and everyone just needs to relax.

  13. After extensive research and a double-blind experiment, I have successfully deduced that all white people read rap lyrics to the beat of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  14. Let me know when Sean Combs makes the list.

  15. I guess we weren’t able gather enough signatures on the Petition to End Fake-Rap.

  16. i didn’t see the quiet, so i’ll assume j. casanova is the (not) deaf girls boyfriend.

  17. Science knows what a trillion year old dinosaur is supposed to look like, but it still can’t explain why white people love rap music so much.

  18. The only white guy that can make this shit look good is my main man Ali G.

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