YESSSSSS! It is the second best day of the year! The best day of the year, of course, is the day of the actual Puppy Bowl, but the second best day of the year is the day the starting line-up is announced! Oh look at all of these wonderful athletes. I’ve got a feeling that when these guys take the field, they will be ready to play. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m rooting for all of them to WIN MY HEART! (Obviously, I’ve got my eye on only one competitor for Most Valuable Puppy. Sorry, other puppies. You played a good game, but it just wasn’t your year. Hit the showers, or the groomers, or the sink, or whatever.) Thanks for the tip, Catherine!

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  1. Oh, thank GOD. PUPPIES!

  2. C’mon Gabe. Everybody knows that one only watches the Puppy Bowl for the spectacular Kitty Halftime Show.

  3. I bet none of these mutts have twitter accounts. Bitches.


  5. More like PUPskirt, amirite?


  7. I bet none of these mutts have twitter accounts. Bitches.

  8. I loved the Puppy Bowl ever since Arnold Rothstein fixed the first one in 1919. #videogumfather

    • “This is a nice kennel here,” said Mr. Wolfsheim. “But I like across the street better!”
      “What place is that?” I asked
      “The Petropole.”
      “The old Petropole,” brooded Mr. Wolfsheim gloomily. “Filled with the faces of the runaway and adopted. Filled with man’s best friends gone now forever. I can’t forget so long as I live the night they adopted Rosy Poopsenthal there. Rosy had eaten a lot of treats and drunk a lot of water all evening. When they opened the next morning, some employee came up to him with a funny look and says somebody wants to speak with him. ‘Woof woof,’ says Rosy, and begins to get up but I said ‘SIT!’”
      “‘Let those bastards come in here if they want you, Rosy, but don’t you, so help me, move outside this room.’”
      “But he turned to the door and says, ‘BARK! Don’t let that guy take my squeaker!’ Then he went out on the sidewalk and they put him in a crate in their car and drove away.
      His nostrils turned to me in an interested way. “I understand you’re looking for a Puppy Bowl gonnection.”
      The juxtaposition of these two remarks was startling. Gatsby answered for me:
      “Oh, no,” he exclaimed, “this isn’t the man.”
      “No?” Mr. Wolfsheim seemed disappointed. “I beg your pardon. I had a wrong man.”

  9. Wow, the competition looks ruff this year.

  10. Due to security concerns, the location will be kept a secret.

  11. “Go Birdie4Benji or go home.” -The poster I’m planning to bring to this year’s Puppy Bowl.

  12. My fantasy puppy team is totally going to kick ass this year.

  13. Birdie, you are the Rudy of my heart. Get out there and show them bitches and sons of a bitches…

  14. For those of you who haven’t noticed, Gabe posts on a regular daily schedule, at times ending with :15, :30, :45, or :00. The timestamp on THIS one, however, is 3:12, which means that it was BREAKING NEWS enough to go off-schedule. Which is exactly the way Puppy Bowl news SHOULD be treated.

  15. I’m worried about the controversy regarding those ads for Purina with the gay weimeraners.

  16. I’m all about Little Red. He’s the cutest, therefore he has my vote for MVP (Most Valuable Puppy)

  17. This lineup might change. Some bitch is saying that Booda sexually assaulted her in a bathroom stall, and Chih was reportedly running a him fighting ring.

  18. I miss the days before the Puppy Bowl got so mainstream, what with the Black Eyed Poodles playing the halftime show, and all the ads for Iams

  19. How do I convert all the bowls in my house into puppy bowls? Wanna have a puppy bowl of cereal in the morning and just in general have more puppies per capita everywhere.

    • I’ve always said that I want to start a puppy farm with all the breeds of the world. All the pups could run free and people could come play with them. Like a Puppy Petting Zoo. My husband is not down with this idea. BOO, HUSBAND!

  20. Birdie fans will rise up against you.

  21. Booda looks like Paul Giamatti.

  22. Oliver’s a solid player, but I’ll never forgive him for that human fighting scandal.

  23. can we start a gwen paltrow’s vagina OR athlete puppies post? cause that would be a good thing to share.

  24. I’m glad they got some scraggly looking puppies this year. They’re going to be the cutest in the water bowl cam!

  25. I have literally been preparing for the Puppy Bowl since the last Puppy Bowl. I’m waiting for that puppy to come along that will replace Schroeder as the MVP of my heart.

    Right now? It’s a toss up between Oliver, Little Red, and Lindy this year. I mean, Little Red looks like a precious moments dog figurine made flesh.

  26. My money is on molly, louise, or the jacks. We all know black dogs are better athletes.

  27. I love all of the puppies!

  28. Aw man, the best part about Gabe announcing last years line-up was his amazing captions after each picture…

    Oh well, I’ll just look at the new line-up and read the old captions, I’m sure they’re still hilarious/adorable.

  29. Holy crap, Birdie’s going to be in the Puppy Bowl?! I’m weirdly excited about this! It’s like finding out your neighbor’s friend’s sister’s cousin is Gary Sinise or something.

  30. My Final Four is Little Red, Jessie, Mae, and Birdie, with Birdie obviously taking it in a landslide.

  31. Puppy Bowl hasn’t been the same since that Basset Hound slipped and revealed six of her nipples at the half-time show a few years ago.

  32. Is Rip Torn going to bet on it again this year?!

  33. These puppies have the same names as all my neighbors’ kids. Even the couple who named their twins “Jack” and “Other Jack.”

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  35. If Little Red wants a long Puppy Bowl career, he needs to stop texting me pictures of his junk….

  36. Just when you think nothing is right with the world….. God bless you Puppy Bowl!

  37. I’m worried about Maddie you guys, because Maddie is also worried about Maddie. Just look at her:

  38. My puppy thinks this thread is totally sniff-ass.

  39. My favorite puppy is all the puppies! …especially Max.

  40. I’m looking through these again as a break from Boehner’s stupid stinkface during state of the union. Obama voice + puppy pictures = much, much better.

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