You know, if Trinity hadn’t used the power of true love to kiss Neo back to life after his iBody was riddled with e-Bullets we wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now. THANKS A LOT, TRINITY. (Alt: “so that’s why he’s so sad.”) HOAX.

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  1. That was a fun prank.

  2. I hope Sweet November 2 is more than just a rumor at least

  3. I believe you meant Whoa-x.

  4. Meanwhile, Alex Winter is still desperately pitching “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Part 3.”

  5. My heart only has room for one Matrix.


  6. If only this were 2001.

  7. Keanu to Remain Sad.

  8. There’s no such thing as an internet hoax. That’s just a glitch in the Matrix.

  9. “Ergo, I need money and am willing to make another movie to get that money. This will be the 4th movie. Visavis. Concordantly. God make it stop.”

  10. So, I was looking for a picture of a velicoraptor stalking Keanu Reeves. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!! I found this instead and it made me very LOL.

  11. There is no spoon two new Matrix movies.

  12. Thanks to memes, at least we already know how he took the news.

    (I’ll show myself out)

  13. Yessss, my pretty, we will get our fourth and fifth Matrixes soon. Sooooooon * pet pet pet *

  14. Looks like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt didnt take a shine to Gabe’s making fun of their pranks last week and have since launched this new and improved prank to PUNK Gabe and beat him at his own bloggy game

  15. the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was tricking you in to thinking there would be matrix sequels when PSYCHE it was kevin spacey the whole time dumbass

    • speaking of spoilers, you know what i was thinking of recently? that when we all have kids (i know some of you have kids already), we have to protect them from spoilers. they’re everywhere online and in pop culture, and it’s going to be sad. “hey mom, what does ‘luke i am your father’ mean?”

  16. At least we get to see Star Wars episodes 1-6 in 3D **sighs**

  17. Sounds like the Baby-Faced Mayor of Robot Town wasn’t done with Neo after lifting him up on his robot-cross.

    “Neo, there was so much I wanted to tell you the last time I died.” -Trinity, Matrix Revolutions

  18. Isn’t the Matrix due for a reboot? (no pun intended)

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