Late last week and all through this weekend and also today and maybe tomorrow has been the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. I’m not exactly sure of the dates. What do I look like, some SUIT? Suits suck! Turtle, pull the Hummer full of weed around. Anyway, it looks like A LOT of fun. I’m not kidding. It does. I mean, it also looks like a nightmarish clusterfuck, and it definitely stands as an expression of the very worst impulses of American society (fame worship, gifting suites) but it obviously would be so fun to just snowboard and go to movies and drink free vodka all day as if it was your job because somehow it turns out it is your job. Make no mistake: just because society is unfair in a way that has serious moral consequences for all of us as human beings doesn’t mean that those of us who are benefiting from this inequality aren’t making the most of it. Hollywood’s motto is “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” and everyone’s got ‘em and then some. Anyway, one of the images from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival must stand above the rest as a graphic summary of the week’s VERY IMPORTANT events, right? Please take a look at our gallery of the most iconic images of the festival and pick your favorite. It’s almost as fun as actually going to the Sundance Film Festival! Obviously I am just kidding it’s not even close!

After the jump, please vote in our Scientific Poll*.

The Iconic Image of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival will be announced later this week. Fingers crossed for the most ridiculous one!

*Before you write in to tell me that I forgot to include Turtle in the scientific poll, please note that the inclusion of a photo of Turtle was intended as a joke. Like, even more of a joke even than the other photos, which are all obviously jokes. Don’t worry, I just changed Videogum’s Facebook status to “it’s complicated.”
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  1. “Never, never, never not Paul Rudd.” –Winston “Copper Boom!” Churchill

  2. Until I get a picture of Kevin Smith going in for his 4th helping of lobster tails at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet, I call shenanigans on this contest.

  3. Gabe, shouldn’t you be there covering it as a respectable member of the press?

  4. I have that picture of Paul Rudd in my wallet.

  5. I went to IMDB in an attempt to figure out what Danny Masterson was doing at Sundance. I was unsuccessful in that endeavour but left more then satisfied having learned that his favorite band is Pearl Jam.

  6. There is a fine line between “celebrity” and “sales associate.”

    • “Apparently, the highest compliment our culture grants artists nowadays is to be in an ad — ideally, naked and purring on the hood of a new car. I have adamantly and repeatedly refused this dubious honor.”
      –Tom Waits


      • Ad Exec 1: Who do you think would be the best artist to try and cross brand our product with?

        Ad Exec 2: Well, considering the fact that 4Loko drives those who drink it mad, sending them on a downward spiral of violent behavior, memory loss and vomit, I would say Tom Waits.

        Ad Exec 1: Hmm. He’d never go for it. How about Nickleback?

        Ad Exec 2: Perfect. I vomit on everything when I hear them.

    • Thats why I voted for Carmen Electra and Muscle Milk. It is everything that is terrifying and awesome about fame whoring (and general whoring).

      • Me too, although I was tempted to vote for the first photo, which if not captioned I would have thought was of some forgotten 1973 porn star and a vaguely happy Transylvanian peasant woman.

  7. I’m sorry, Rudd-heads, though I count myself among your ranks, today I am an honorary Lil Jon Playing Ping Pong-head.

  8. So, here is a story that might be too interesting (not interesting at all):

    I have some friends (that’s right – I have friends!) who live pretty much at the Sundance venue. Yet for some reason, they refuse to try to sneak into the swag rooms and/or photobomb celebrity photos. I am not sure if this is a sign or strength or weakness on their parts.

    • A friend of mine covers it for some online magazine. Never have I heard ONE BRAG from her about free stuff, just “ooh snow!” and “celebrity, how funny!” I suspect it’s because she’s either signed a massive NDO, or has excellent manners.

  9. Looks like the next season of Entourage will involve Turtle investing all of his funds into Tomato Bank based on some very sound advice he received.

  10. It’s starting to seem that Sundance is around just to shill random products onto consumers than about the ART!

  11. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Carmen Elektra is a spokesperson for Muscle Milk…

    …oh, nobody? Oh, okay, just checking.

  12. Wow, look at all the stars? (sans Paul Rudd)

  13. I almost voted for Li’l John but I wound up voting for Susan Sarandan in the Oakley Gifting Suite. Her presence thee still least hints it’s supposed to be about film.

  14. Sorry guys, I was too busy joining this guy’s cult and dialing my bitch down a little bit to pay attention to Sundance.

  15. If we are trying to encapsulate the horror, the obvious choice is Carmen Electra and Muscle Milk, so I voted for Lil Jon playing ‘Bing’ Pong. Felt right.

  16. Really? No ones said anything about DJ Tommy Lee? Like he knows dick one about music. You know it’s just a non-stop Crüe/Methods of Mayhem party mix (if you can call that a “party” mix).

  17. I don’t know what “muscle milk” is, but the idea that somewhere there is a factory farm of weightlifters with small udders hanging from their biceps is really disturbing me.

  18. Totally Carmen Electra and Muscle Milk. A ridiculous product with a ridiculous celebrity. The perfect representation.

  19. i would actually like to go to sundance (no sarcasmo)

    the way people feel about the superbowl… that is how i feel about the oscars. and since i will probably never go to the oscars, sundance seems like the next best thing since you can just buy tickets and go.

    i’m sure it would not be as fun as i imagine it to be, but i’d like to think it would be neat to see movies that never make it to the theaters by my house or be at a party that paul rudd is attending.

  20. and i would seriously destroy lil john in a ping pong tournament.

    why is lil john at sundance anyway?

  21. No photos from the Goop Parenting Pavilion?

  22. Not hatin, but every time I try and look at photos on Videogum it crashes my browser…anyone else?

  23. Seriousgum/artgum, a really talented filmmaker from where I live has a short film at Sundance this year, partly about a good friend of mine who killed himself.
    The short is really great, and you can see it here: (it’s no Danny Masterson, obviously).

  24. danny and adrien need to take face lessons from paul rudd

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