Good morning, Spike. Good morning, Buster. Good morning, Internet. Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Monday. (Thanks for the tip, Ian and Daryl.)

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  1. This is Exhibit A in his animal abuse trial, right? Right?!

  2. That is too much dance for a Monday morning.

  3. Are we sure that Spike is for real? That kitchen looks like it was a junior college student’s final project for Interior Design 106 – Kitchens.

  4. I don’t know about you guys, but it is -35ºC here in Montreal. This is not helping.

  5. So did he just go to the shelter and find the most resigned, complacent dog there? Buster’s just sitting there like “Whatever. At least I’m not dead.”

  6. Really man?!! The tongue!?!?! Not what I was looking for on Monday morning. (Also, I’m changing my cat’s name to King James because BIBLE)

  7. “And I thought I had a weird roommate.”

  8. Was anybody else expecting brown stains on his undies?

  9. Two lessons to be learned here:

    1. Take a cue from Spike and always try to adopt from a shelter when you can.

    2. Be sure to spay/neuter your children.

  10. I’m not 100% sure what this guy’s story is, but I know for certain what it taint.

  11. That’s funny. Usually the gagging starts AFTER he dances.

  12. Phew! I was worried Spike had a new dance called the ‘Dog Buster’ and Cheryl was going to be squished.

  13. So, basically, whether or not this is fake OR gay, the world is basically becoming a manifestation of the Tim and Eric Show.

  14. It must be wonderful to finally find that thing you are really good at and to get to do it.

  15. More than anything I’m concerned that HE initiated the kiss and then blamed the dog for making him gag with smelly breath…

  16. I think its time Spike gets some new sports shorts.

  17. that dog did not sign up for this That dog did not sign up for this THAT DOG DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIIIIISSS!!!

  18. I feel like all the internet is his George, and he’s about to ask us all if he can still tend the rabbits, and we’ll all be powerless to stop him whether he gets to or not.

  19. Buster + Spike > Gabe + Birdie.

  20. I’m not sure if that was a pinnacle or a nadir.

  21. Giving your dog the tongue while half naked and then dancing in the kitchen? This is what I do before breakfast every day, only I don’t give a fuck what Cheryl thinks.

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