Enough already with all of it, world, just END.

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  1. I have a special spot in my cold, dark heart for Antoine Dodson.

  2. I don’t know what it is with the world and talentless assholes.
    (Although I’m sure Antoine is a great guy.)

  3. My roommate asked me a few days ago if I had seen the “The guy who’s sister almost gets raped in auto-tune” yet. I just stared at him with disdain and said nothing.

  4. Will his cousin with a meth addiction be on? Because I’d watch that.

  5. He should get some cookies the way he’s milking that one news appearance. And the poor poor Gregory Brothers are relegated to remix hell yet again.

  6. Also, I don’t know if I should be upset or relieved my work has blocked TMZ’s website.

    • TMZ has learned … the guy who famously battled a bedroom intruder is shooting a pilot for a reality show produced by Entertainment One. Actress Kali Hawk will serve as executive producer.

      We’re told the show doesn’t have an official name yet — but producers have already shot a bunch of footage centered around Antoine moving out of Alabama and over to West Hollywood.

      So far, we’re told the show is still looking for a deal with a network.

  7. It should be a game show- where are your kids and wife hiding?

  8. Entertainment One, you are dumb. You are really dumb.

  9. They’re doing this all wrong. Antoine should get his own scripted show where he kills rapists, like Dexter with serial killers. And if killing is too brutal for network TV, he should just brutally shame them.

  10. i feel kind of bad for tv execs. they’re really trying to be hip, and it just isn’t working. sorry guys.

  11. You can run and sell that, apparently.

  12. This is really dumb, for real.

  13. One appearance on a interview for a news story gets you a reality show? Still more of a claim to fame than the Kardashians, I suppose.

  14. “Hey now. Hey now. The Meme Is Over.” — Crowded House*

    *coined this on Twitter yesterday, but applicable now.

  15. I think Gabe might be The Man in the White Hat. I tried doing some research on this, but I couldn’t find anything. Something about Stephen King’s The Stand… he’s gonna get us into the apocalypse, and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

  16. A show about Antoine Dodson could be really interesting if it was about how a lower-class guy deals with overnight fame and riches.

    But it’ll probably be about what fucking Gucci bag he’s buying or something.

  17. In my day, pointless talentless celebrities would just write boring auto-biographies.

    They had to go and make more ventures for the most pointless and talentless of them all.

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  19. Gabe’s jealous – jealous agaaaaaaiiiiiin

  20. He’s gay??? Bwahahaha!

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