To clarify: the Pierce Brosnan bowling expert photo double WILL be paid the full SAG photo double rate, which I believe is 2 bagels and an under-the-pants, over-the-underwear feel-up. And in a sidenote to Hollywood: congrats on making a movie about bowling starring Pierce Brosnan. That just sounds FANTASTIC! (Thanks for the tip, Jonathan.)

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  1. “Will settle for a Timothy Dalton look-alike who plays a pretty good badminton”

  2. stricken not spared

    This sounds fascinating
    also why Christina Hendricks and Seth Meyers?

  4. hahahah… Pierce Brosnan is a bad bowler.

  5. The club around the corner from me “Smoke” was had a posting for a door man, unfortunately, I was not qualified, as it required either Martial Arts skills or “STREET-FIGHTING experience”

  6. They should cast Chris Hardwick in it. He doesn’t look like Brosnan, but I like him and he can bowl.

  7. Stop looking; I got this.

  8. Try to imagine a scene that shows Pierce Brosnan bowling a strike. Now try to imagine that scene existing in such a way that an expert bowler/Pierce Brosnan body double would be a better choice than just basic editing to make it LOOK like Pierce Brosnan bowled a strike. THAT is what kind of movie this is going to me.

  9. Seeking Script for Weird Celeb Cameo/Videogum Fodder

  10. Looking back, we will remember this day as the turning point in the war against CGI. The best is yet to come.

    • Seeking Battleship photo double who is accomplished at Flamenco for the feature film: Battleship 2: Love on the High Seas. Works in the Pacific or the Atlantic. Must accommodate either ocean.

  11. Well, I can bowl in the 150+ range and look a little like Rocco DiSpirito, so I assume I’ll get the part.

  12. #piercebrosnanbowlingmovies

    Dante’s Pin

    The Ghost Gutter

    The Turkey of Panama

  13. Also, must be able to time travel back to late 80s, early 90s to be in a film titled “I Don’t Know How She Does It”.

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