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  1. It’s nice to see Hurley and Ben are keeping it fresh with some role-playing.

  2. Thumbs up if Videogum brought you here.

  3. He has about as much class as that girl has teeth.

  4. I think I’m going to cum AT LEAST ONCE DAMN!

  5. She’s pretty.

  6. The world is a big place.

  7. It’s the long awaited “Sunny D and Rum” follow up!

  8. In all fairness, he did cum immediately after posting the comment.

  9. That’s actually a busy piece of real estate:

  10. what’s the matter with the clothes you’re wearing?
    why are u such a fag?
    why don’t u get some singing lesson?
    cum back when ur not such a fag.
    y u think u r gud ur ugly
    u got no teef and u r rilly ugly
    Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout the new comments
    Funny, but it’s still youtube to me

  11. I know it is easy to laugh, so let’s not do that. (Okay, just a bit, but shush.) However, in all sincerity, I don’t understand how someone can look like this and not feel motivated to improve themselves. I would be miserable if I began to look anything like this. It would crush me every day, all day. Not just for superficial reasons, although obviously for superficial reasons, but also for reasons of health and well-being.

    Perhaps she doesn’t have access to dental care and perhaps she is genetically predisposed to being larger, but JESUS CHRIST. If you have enough money to make record a song into a microphone and post it to the motherfucking internet, YOU HAVE THE FUNDS TO EAT BETTER. Buy a fucking vegetable? And, maybe, you know, practice your dancing instead of your singing?

    It just numbs my brain. I’m not trying to hate on an internet stranger. It just raises so many questions for me about the extent to which people let themselves’ go.

    • Tell HER about it. Don’t ask me why.

    • Some people are motivated to “improve themselves” a little too much. For example:

      Maybe s/he likes him/herself that way? Who knows. Beauty – It’s all in the eye of the beholder, or something. That is definitely a saying that I read on a bumper sticker.

    • Toothpaste isn’t that expensive, either.

    • Welp, I might as well work on the most downvoted for my future EGOT.

      Funds to eat better? Because she has a microphone and a computer? A large amount of our country is poor (and look a lot like this) but they still have computers or cell phones–that doesn’t mean they have access to quality education, grocery stores, gyms, liberal blogs with commenters who have such good advice, etc. Yes, I’m sure doing karaoke on youtube equals what she would need to have access to a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables and nutritional education. Based on her surroundings and her clothes and her teeth (PERHAPS she doesn’t have access to dental care??), I’m guessing we could all be a little less fucking judgmental. Or at least keep your “confusion” (which is actually just thinly-disguised hatred) to yourself. It just drives me insane that it becomes a value judgment–you know nothing about her life. And to hypothesize about the reasons someone has let herself go or is “lacking motivation to improve” herself is just ridiculous based on a four-minute video of another human being having fun singing. Practice her dancing instead of singing? I expect this sort of crap on, well, youtube.

      • I’m sorry to get shouty, but as someone who has been unemployed for a large part of this economic shitshow: it’s really fucking hard to buy quality food when you don’t have an income. I am overweight and LIKE VEGETABLES shockingly, and I struggle to buy them. I haven’t been to the dentist in quite a while either, and here I am on my computer. If you’d like to hear my trials and tribulations related to getting healthcare as well, let me know. And I’m lucky! My fat-ass is lucky to have been born into a middle class, single mom household. Things are a lot worse for a lot of people. But I guess we all have Billy Joel!!

        • I am underemployed, and I definitely understand that to eat really healthily it can be prohibitively expensive sometimes and I’m not trying to be condescending but I don’t know, rice and beans? like I remember watching Food Inc and that immigrant family was talking about all their health problems and how it was due to their inability to afford quality food products so they ate Burger King all the time and how it was a vicious cycle since now all their money went to medical bills. and I felt really bad for them! but then I thought about it and realized that Burger King isn’t really less expensive than some healthier ingredients you could buy at the grocery store? like a burger and fries and a drink is like five bucks or around that right? what would a box of pasta and red sauce for 4 people be? or the afformentioned rice and beans. or something hearty and cheap and easy to cook like potatoes or turnips or something? greens are usually dirt cheap as well and really packed with nutrients (I’m talking mustard, collard, turnip etc here). again, it just seemed like a weird arguement to make since I am myself poor and manage to avoid eating junk food without dropping a grand at whole foods. JUST SAYING. yeah videogum is definitely the forum for this discussion and not youtube. I just got cum in my cereal (sorry)

          • I should point out that I realize that pasta and sauce or rice and beans isn’t going to get you every single important nutrient (I used to be a lazy vegan, I’ve had vitamin deficiency, it blows) but neither is a bag of burgers. and pasta won’t give you diabetes or colon cancer either.

          • oh and bringing up that videogum is a “liberal blog” doesn’t really seem like a relevant point? or is that just me?

          • Which is why I brought up education. And food availability. I just find it hilarious that so much of the country is struggling with this and people refuse to connect the dots with race, class, education, depression, capitalism in general (our constant desire for stuff leading to unhealthy work habits), etc. Instead, people point fingers and make it all about personal responsibility, people who have probably been naturally thin all of their lives or have their own fucked up relationships with food. Obviously, it’s beyond personal responsibility at this point, and we should be working on figuring out the WHYs instead of shaming people. But maybe this video will get this woman on Biggest Loser, and then we can all get off on watching her cry and work out!

          • also (this is late and these are posting out of order for some reason), I understand that locality and education and class do factor into this discussion, but at the same time it seems to get bandied about as somehow nullifying things. at some point someone has to understand that eating nothing but cheetos and orange soda is killing them. that was my point about the whole Mexican family in Food Inc. these people despite being poor were not stupid! they were aware of why they (and it implied their children) had health problems, but they were saying that their poor health that was a result of their eating habits had made their medical expenses so large that they had to eat garbage food. and it showed them in a large supermarket, hence my mentioning the things they could have easily bought (and I think it’s a little insulting to insinuate that just because someone is working class they don’t understand that rice is healthier than McDonalds). this was just an example I was using! we are all poor battered obese snowflakes. so yeah, overall I think it’s both reductive and vaguely offensive to play it as overweight malnurished people in this country as just being like too dumb to know better. how is that more compassionate than suggesting they take better care of themselves?

        • Well, I’m a poor-as-shit college student, and I manage to not eat terrible food all day. I know that’s not the entire crux of what you said, but it’s an argument that bothers me. I have to buy as little food as possible, and when I do, I buy stuff like chicken, almonds, maybe a salad. All at the Kroger down the street and all pretty cheap. I’m not saying YOU do this, but it makes me so mad when people CHOOSE to buy disgusting food and then make the convenient argument that eating healthy is too expensive. Healthy food isn’t some elitist ideal. People choose what they eat, it’s not forced upon them.

          And you don’t have to join a gym to exercise. Go outside! Walk around! Jog! Run! Play some sports! There are definitely a lot of people who have health problems that prohibit them from losing weight, but there are also a lot of people who are just lazy excuse-makers.

          I’m not trying to single you out, Whyareyouyelling, it’s just that Funtastik’s comment and your reply seemed an appropriate place to put this.

        • so you aren’t responsible for what you put in your body, even when you are educated about it? and the people that do are the ones with the problem? I really fail to see how turning around and accusing people that are saying you could live a healthier lifestyle without any really serious effort are like the boogymen here. I am the last person that wants to tell someone what to do with their life, you can eat all the pizza and mr. pib you want, I genuinely mean that. BUT there is ultimately personal culpability, and if someone else has a body image issue or whatever you’re implying that doesn’t absolve you of said responsibility to take care of yourself or not to. at some point, we as a society have to stop always being victims of everything. BURN THE BED AMERICA!

          • You’re really raising my blood pressure, guy. A. No one needs you to suggest they take care of themselves. You really think you’re being compassionate to assume with a blanket mindset that overweight people are eating pizza and Mr. Pib every day, all day? It’s none of your fucking business, I’m assuming you’re not a doctor (at least, you’re definitely not my doctor or this woman’s doctor), and keep your incorrect judgments and pretend compassion about a stranger’s health to yourself. I don’t look at people and wonder what they eat every day, how much alcohol they drink, whether they smoke, etc. because when I talk to a person, I don’t know about you, but I don’t just make health suggestions because I feel superior. No one should have to explain themselves to you or anyone else unless they choose to, which I did above to prove my point. This woman didn’t go on this video saying, “Please, PLEASE, Youfuckedjeff, explain me how to be healthy like you! You are thin and therefore an expert!” And neither did I.

            B. Education has nothing to do with stupidity. It’s about what information/assistance is available to people, what values are perpetuated. I didn’t call anyone stupid or “play” anyone as a malnourished idiot because I know it’s not about that. We could get into similar arguments related to race and gender issues–black people are not inherently lazy and prone to committing crime, women are not worse at math and don’t make less than men because they “choose family” over work. Individual choices are rarely pure choices with no outside factors, but it seems that people choose to forget this when it comes to overweight people–dehumanizing them has become the society standard. It’s disturbing.

            If it makes you feel superior because you’re not overweight, go for it. But just know you sound like a prick.

          • WHOA let’s dial back the righteous indignation for a second, or don’t bother since you’re already comparing this to race (yikes! also, no!). and I don’t know if you’ve ever set foot inside say a Taco Bell, because I don’t know you and wasn’t accusing you of anything angrypants, but there are plenty of people that just want to fuckin’ eat junkfood all day long. and that’s fine! that’s their decision. I don’t tell people what to do and I don’t go around making fun of someone for those choices, and I thought I was pretty clear about that? I don’t really get this vitriol, but it’s not going to scare me into agreeing with you. I have a large family, and most of them are obese, and a lot of them live in the rural south and don’t have great education and I was overweight most of my adolescent life, so I kinda have some experience with real living breathing overweight people! not going to medical school does not exclude me from inferring that if some hypothetical person is 100 pounds overweight that they probably don’t stick to low fat foods and exercise regularly. that is common sense, not some weird anoerexia cabal out to get everyone in middle america. again, that isn’t passing judgement on them, just an observation. but this seems less like something you want to have a rational discussion about and more something you want to sass me about for some perceived slight against you or the woman in the video (which i didn’t watch because I thought the joke was the cum comment, not the video itself), which was never intended. so yes, I totally feel better than everyone histrionic person I’ve never met on the internet, thanx for asking.

      • You make a lot of fair points that I have no intention of arguing against. I didn’t think my comment through properly and I failed to acknowledge all of the complexities that I’m supposed to. I have trouble putting myself into a mindset where my physical health and appearance aren’t important to me. That is kind of the whole point of my comment. Still, you’ve called me out on my harsh approach and I agree. I was super critical and trying to be funny while also serious and it came out all judgmental and jerky.

        The only thing I must stress is that my comment did not come from a place of hatred. Disgust, yes, but not hatred. I obviously had my shallow laugh at the beginning of the video, just like with almost every video that is posted here, but from there I truly did become bewildered at how one ends up like this. I can imagine a million scenarios in which this is not her fault due to the stupefying complexity of social/cultural/economic factors that could have combined themselves in a myriad of ways and left her helpless to her own condition, but I can also imagine a bunch in which she’s disgusting and lazy. So.

        • I get it, I do, and I really appreciate that you recognize that you could have put some more thought into that before saying it. But the disgust argument is just as disturbing to me though because disgust isn’t much better than hatred–it motivates people to behave pretty horrendously sometimes. And I can understand why the people commenting above don’t understand that because a lot of people don’t have to. But like any other stereotype, I don’t think it’s right to make assumptions and value judgments just by looking at someone. As I mentioned, I am overweight and I have been all my life. I exercise and eat healthy (or healthier than most thin people I know, that’s for sure), but frankly, that’s none of anyone’s fucking business and I shouldn’t have to defend myself just because people who have never struggled with their weight this way assume I have to be held accountable because my body is different. (I’m speaking more to the other replies than to yours here. By the way, YoufuckedJeff, eating rice and beans and pasta, while filled with more nutrients than Burger King, are certainly not going to make a heavy person thin.)

          I guess my point is, even if it IS her fault, even if she is poor but still eats Cheetos and government cheese and wears shirts with stains on it, it doesn’t make my point less true. I didn’t laugh at this video except for her carefree singing, which I found kind of sweet (but maybe that’s because I’ve done a lot of drunken karaoke). I felt horribly bad for her because I was anticipating all the shit she’s about to get, and I immediately wondered about her life and her feelings. If this has been the same exact video with a thin person, no teeth, and stains, I doubt it would even be on here. Anyway, I know no one cares about this rant, but it’s always so shocking to me when people who are otherwise so accepting, funny, compassionate feel like it’s OK to “other” overweight people (which, YoufuckedJeff, is why I brought up the liberal blog thing–I’ve seen some really ignorant shit on the Gawker sites too). This whole country has a messed up relationship with a food and health, and pointing at some people because you think they’re out of control is a symptom of our fucked up collective psyche.

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • I think it’s fantastic you took to the time to write all this down. I acknowledge that I approach the fat issue with more than a bit of arrogance, mostly because my own experience with weight and food is so very different from what you describe. I try to be aware of the multiplicity of realities in the universe — I really, truly do — but this is one topic that I have such a hard time wrapping my head around.

            The same issue still bewilders me to some extent, but at least you’ve given me some food for thought. Nothing I haven’t heard before, but delivered with uncommon honesty, which is prompting me to consider your points more seriously. I will try to be more careful and considerate in how I phrase myself next time.

            Thanks for sharing your point of view.

    • Not trying to hate on you, either, but these are questions that a better cultural understanding of mental health might easily answer.

    • Your question is valid. I’ve been wrestling with it myself. I’m currently stuck on the idea that as an educated person of privilege, I have a hard time allowing for a worldview in which logic doesn’t trump emotion. And when I say emotion, I don’t mean any random feeling as much as I mean the “heart,” the “gut” or the “soul.” This video is a terrible example to argue the point I’m making within myself, but I’m trying to find value in the perspective of the person who’s “heart” triumphs over their logic without simply writing them off internally as “stupid” or an “idiot.” I have more to say. I’ll be back.

      • I don’t want to come off as trying to apologize for this woman’s poor choices in food so much as to point out that a more holistic view of a person is required than the one we so often seem to represent. Logic and reason seem to be the traits we applaud the most. And Character. Of course, I’m not really arguing anything too new either as the ideas of logos, pathos, and ethos have been around forever. I know the idea of the “purity of food that we intake” as well as the idea of the value of exercise are extremely popular right now, culturally speaking (esp. in a community like this one; again, not a bad thing, inherently). Those ideas both appeal to logic and character. But, there’s an emotional buy-in that must take place as well in order for a true change to occur. And, unfortunately, in people, that doesn’t always occur. Emotions (again, toward the idea of the “heart,’ etc) are powerful influences that often times seem to sway action in a greater way than words, facts, information, might be able to do. Should we belittle someone who’s emotions have outpaced their logic? Their character? Or should we embrace their humanity and recognize it within ourselves as something that we have done, too? Maybe not in eating or exercise. But, maybe in other ways that seem more trivial to us. Maybe they’re more trivial because the culture isn’t highlighting them. I’m not even sure what kinds of things they are. If I listed some, you probably would disagree as to whether or not they are important because often times, what one person considers to be important, another finds completely inane. For me, this whole discussion leans back to the idea that many assumptions of agreement are made herein. But those assumptions are not always correct. These feelings of agreement are based on the number of up or downvotes generated by a thumb icon…But don’t worry, I know thumb icons are important, not inane. :)

        “I’m down with Aristotle, yo.” -RIP Dish 01/20/2011

    • I just have to say: I firmly believe that “fat” people are one of the groups that face the most discrimination in our society. People use the health argument to justify passing judgment and acting like assholes. It pisses me off to no end.

      • And I don’t mean your comment specifically. I get there are many people who are very conscious of what they eat and being active and generally healthy, and for them someone like this is beyond their experience. But I *guarantee* that this is a product of your ignorance (no pejorative) as, if you can’t understand something like this, it’s because you’re not from a place where “fat” people are the norm. Hell, I personally do not understand the modern obsession with the “healthy” lifestyle (I enjoy Bill Hick’s take on jogging), but I accept it as a social norm that I’m just not a part of. I still happen to be healthy and active, more out of necessity than an obsession with conforming to an image or lifestyle.

        • You are probably right. I most likely am willfully ignorant to the concept of fat people as struggling individuals because it is so far from my normality (the city in which I live and the people I know). You make a fair point. I view a lot of the “pro-fat” arguments (for lack of a better term) as cheap cop-outs. I do not know what it is like to be obese and I do not tend to sympathize with those who are.

          • I ran out of reply buttons, but thanks for at least attempting to see my perspective. It can be really discouraging to read people’s opinions all the time and internalize all of that disgust and disrespect–just like a gay person hearing “fag” would internalize that negativity. I got into an entire argument about the show Huge on my facebook wall (which was a wonderful show by the way–if you want to understand or sympathize with people who are different from you, check it out on Hulu), and it basically devolved into a friend telling me all fat people disgust and sicken him. But not me because he knows me and “how hard I try.” Which was pretty similar to the black person in your wallet argument.

            Also, just reading your reply to Bumblebutt (best name for this argument), it’s not really about “pro-fat.” The fat acceptance movement is about exactly what we both said–not judging and shaming people. And accepting that not all thin people are healthy and not all fat people are unhealthy. Being thin doesn’t give anyone a right to decide what’s a cop-out or to determine another person’s health. Anyway, we could all use a little more sympathy/empathy so thanks for giving this issue a try. If you’re really looking to be head of the class, check this out: It never hurts to read up on a subject that obviously impacts many people’s lives.

          • I will read this. Not now, because it’s bedtime, but I’ve bookmarked it. :) Thanks.

      • I draw the line here. Overweight people do not face more discrimination than any other group that is frequently targeted or outright ignored. That’s not to say it’s not hard for someone who’s overweight, i believe it is. But refugee populations? The mentally ill? People with severe and highly visible disabilities? Christ, what about the homeless?

        Sorry to get all worked up about this, it just irks me when the race/disability/gender/whatever card gets pulled in any discussion. I’m ignorant of the struggles of a lot of groups for sure. This is one of those discussions where it’s hard to stay neutral to view both sides, you get pulled to one or the other. So my only point can be about discrimination junk otherwise i’ll get all worked up. But, interesting comments!

  12. Youtube commenters. If I could downvote this comment, I would.

  13. Don’t talk to my sister wife that way!

  14. I am not even lying when I say that I think the girl in this video is my husband’s cousin. For realsies…

  15. De Lolz De Lolz
    -Herve Villechaize

  16. “I just want to make all the people happy. All of them.”–Billy Joel

  17. We found a lady(?) for Gummy Joe!

  18. Anyone else surprised that the comment wasn’t more offensive? I mean, it’s aggressively misogynistic and creepy for sure. But not as hurtful as I expected. So…good?

    • aggressively misogynistic and creepy? Sure:

      She’s the kind of lady I like, she has more kids than teeth. I can stick my finger in her mouth and it feels like grandma, like a woman should.

  19. What are some good YouTube or Vimeo channel’s to subscribe to?

  20. I am sometimes jealous of people like this who clearly have mental, emotional, and social problems. They seem so free to do whatever they want and never feel anything bad about it.

  21. Bathe her and bring her to me.

  22. is it just me or did she sing “sad to say i’m sorry” after a reference to friday and preceding a reference to sunday? if she did, that might be the worst part of this video. the best part is that it eventually ends (for the record that i know we are all keeping)

  23. I think I went to school with that dude.

  24. The commenter was later dropped into the rancor pit.

  25. he’s going to ruin that rich corinthian leather.

  26. I am jealous of this woman. She is obviously pretty comfortable in her own skin to record something like this. I am terrified of online dating because I’m afraid that I look like…, well, look like this woman. But I bet she’d go on lots of dates without worrying about other people think about her.

    I am honestly jealous.

  27. Needs more minute long peace signs.

  28. This fellow commented on this lady’s video, and then Gabe commented on the comment. Now all the Videogum commenters are commenting on the comment on the comment. And I’m commenting that all you commenters are commenting.

    My brain hurts.

  29. Damn, I used to think that this would be such a great drunk karaoke song too. Now the mental image juxtaposed with that comment will be burned in my brain no matter how inebriated.

    Sigh. Another dream dashed forevermore.

  30. Later, the FBI traced the comment from RichardMontalban back to….BILLY JOEL’S COMPUTER!!!

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