Oh yay! Another HILARIOUS “prank” from the set of a Hollywood movie!!!!!! My favorite thing about these behind-the-scenes stories is how each one is more interesting and hilarious than the last! From Entertainment Weekly:

This candid moment came courtesy of Hanks, who pranked Roberts on the set of the rom-com Larry Crowne (out July 1). “Julia would knit on the set–scarves, hats” recalls producer Gary Goetzman. “One morning, Tom thought it would be hilarious if everyone was doing it. So she walked on set and saw 50 people knitting.” Hanks directed, co-wrote, and stars in the movie as a downsized corporate stiff who enrolls in community college and falls for a teacher (Roberts). For the old pals, Crowne offered the first chance to work together since 2007′s Charlie Wilson’s War. “They’re platonic lovers,” laughs Goetzman. “That’s really the only way I can put it. They get along so well.”

WHAT A GREAT PRANK THAT IS DEFINITELY GREAT AND DEFINITELY A PRANK! You know what would be fun? To be someone working on a movie crew for basically no money (although you do get to take home day old bagels from craft services every other Wednesday) doing shit work on 14 hour days in a digusting, amoral industry in an effort to pursue your dreams of making it big in showbiz which will almost certainly never happen and eventually you will get some sort of office job (perhaps blogging) but one morning when you’re worrying at a depressing ATM balance receipt in the pocket of a thrift store coat while some asshole tries to exercise their totalitarian power over you via trebly earpiece and you are just really feeling like you’re about to explode, Tom Hanks has his personal assistant announce to everyone that you will all be pretending to be fucking knitting all day because he wants to see the look on his “platonic lover”‘s face (p.s. I’ve got another way for you to say that, Goetzman, it is called “FRIENDS,” as in, “THOSE TWO ARE VERY GOOD FRIENDS.” Look it up, have one of your secretaries look it up). Wouldn’t that just be neat to be a part of? So fun. The funnest. Living the dream. That’s showbiz. (Thanks for the tip, GoldenFiddle. Click through for a better look at this “candid” moment, courtesy of Tom Pranks. Thanks Tom!)

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  1. Knit, Laugh, Barf

  2. No cocaine reference?? Big stars like cocaine!

  3. While visiting his dad on set, Chet Hanks stopped to give a shout out to all his knitters.

  4. What a Big prank, they were talking about that prank all the way in Philadelphia, I hear he really blew the Cast Away with those pranks

  5. What a knitwit.

  6. I guess some days we are this slab of meat.

    (I really just wanted to post this gif of that slab of meat.)

  7. next celebrity pranker… Prankie Muniz

  8. people that have jobs on movie sets, for the most part, are making a decent living.

    • It should be “people who”, not “people that”, unless you’re some kind of insane sociopath who regards people as objects.

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    • Not the lowly PAs, which I gather is what Gabe was, and which I also was, and which Yes: you spend all day solving problems like picking up sushi from the sitcom star’s favorite place, which happens to be in Santa Monica, for his cousin, who happens to be visiting the set that day, while your boss calls your cellphone in the exact middle of that 2-hour traffic nightmare round-trip to demand that after you drop off the sushi (crucial) you go pick up a camera lens in the Valley that they NEED on set in 30 minutes and also go pick up a dress that Wardrobe needs and which is in a store on Rodeo, and all you can think is, That means I don’t have time to deposit this week’s $400 paycheck so I hope the landlord doesn’t try to cash my rent check till Monday because it will bounce from here all the way back to New Jersey where my Dreams were born.

      • But at least you can always SCARF down those craft services goodies!

      • Oh and yeah, the boss would also totally be saying, “You NEED to be back here in 45 minutes because we NEED to have enough people on set pretending to knit. Oh, and stop at a sewing store or Target and buy a bunch of knitting needles — we don’t have enough. I’ll tell Nicole to call you with how many we need. Hurry up!”

    • As someone who (not “that” -Winwood) just got done with a two-day PA gig, I can say that assistant work really isn’t that bad. Yes, I worked two consecutive 16 hour days, but it’s exciting, there’s satisfaction from being part of a team working towards a goal that is almost non-existent in my office job, I ate (WELL) for free, I got to hang out with friends, I made new friends with similarly-minded people and I got to be a part of something I love. To top all this off, my pay worked out to around 20 dollars an hour, which is more than most people my age (22) make working in an office.

      PA work isn’t that bad, but I suppose anything can be used as an excuse for making an argument.

      • in the great class war of 2011 your comment will not deny comrade gabe and his pitchfork wielding mob of fellow comrades from advancing on the rich and then we will have fairness for the less fortunate then at that time, friend

      • Well lesigh, this is definitely the up side. (The pay seems unusual, but good for you!)

        • Rather than take the approach of Lesigh and craft a valid argument to defend the city we live in and love and the industry that is akin to our Wall Street except a whole lot LESS vile and douchey and destructive and actually creates jobs for blue collar workers rather than gives them more or less free houses and then kicks them out and takes their tax money for fucking everything up…I will speak an unfiltered conversation that is an example of a common theme when discussing the fact that yes, we do indeed actually live in hollywood, and yes, many of us even work in it and yes I have seen a celebrity from time to time.
          This conversation will take place with a pretty blonde girl that you meet who is visiting from out of town to see Bev Hills, the beach and palm trees and maybe some famous people, and the protagonist is just a guy who is attracted to her…and rolling…

          “So we were making this movie that was getting a little frustrating because, let’s face it the script is shit and we don’t know why exactly we are doing this…hopefully maybe one day we will get the chance to either contribute to a true piece of art because ya know cinema has become the medium to replace the outdated notion of the great american novel and whatnot…no no I still read books but dude have you seen the Wire? Not into the heady stuff? Community? Yeah the one with the dude from talk soup, his name is Joel McHale, he’s fucking hilarious I love that show did you see the one in claymation!?!?! It’s just like when we were kids man it made me so happy over the holidays I watched it so many times with my friends and then showed my family. Yeah dude there’s a lot of good stuff on tv right now…this film might be ok too, the way we have it set up is…hm? yeah I’ve seen Julia Roberts. Well not like any discussions and whatnot but yeah we work on the same set right now…I mean yeah she’s aged pretty well, but I really don’t care all that much about acting…ugh…well she knits a lot, mhm just like other people sometimes do as well…omg I know it’s hard to believe, we even once all pretended to knit to point out how we realized how big of a deal it was to her life and we all had a wholesome laugh…no that didn’t actually fucking happen…sorry, I didn’t mean to offend your sensibilities, I take back what I said, yes it did happen and she is just such a Peach of a person, exactly like you think she would be…I mean would tinkerbell be a bitch? Yeah you can tell other people this story if you come out to the bar with me and I can tell you all about the rest of my stories”

          • also, that was the last diatribe for the foreseeable future, I have been writing without break all week for an enormous paper/thesis/story/interpretation of Classical Studies…actually I just want to stop talking about it entirely. I was coming to videogum for a chance to relax and break out of the intense and serious attitude and writing mode I have been in and enjoy some light humor but can’t seem to write anything without it being an extended essay…I think I’ve lost my mind.

            I am sorry, and when I return I will bring with me snappy quips and no attempt at actual argumentative points, so I bid you farewell.

  9. Pranking Julia Roberts? Tom Hanks has some balls (of yarn).

  10. I’m just a purl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

  11. well that prank left me in stitches #ugh

  12. I do not think this is a prank so much as everyone on set clearly likes knitting. Because knitting is awesome.

  13. “Tim Banks: Heard about the prank on Julie Hogwarts! Hilarious, bro!” -Brad Pitt’s text

  14. Tom Pranks can be fun, but you have to make sure they don’t go too far. Otherwise you run the risk that they may become Chet Hazing.

  15. Yikes, some serious vitriol in that post there, Gabe. Did your SAG card get revoked or something?

  16. It’s the most beautiful gift one person can give another, that says “I love you… but not in that way”

    This Valentine’s Day, give your platonic lover a prank.

  17. Is it just me or does Tom Hanks look like a hipster in that picture?

  18. Really, no one posted this yet? I’m disappointed.

  19. Someone needs to register @TomPranks on twitter ASAP. Or possibly a #prankmovies Best New Party Game?

  20. Have Tom Hanks and Greg Kinnear ever had a likability-off? That would be some serious Zeus vs Thor shit.

  21. This showcase of creativity has me very excited for this film.

  22. Hey Gabe, Relax!

    It’s gonna be OK.

  23. It’s not like anyone was being forced to do this at fucking gun point, Gabe. I love your writing, the site, and the community, but you can be SO INSUFFERABLE about things like this.

  24. “Everything wrong in my life is Hollywood’s fault.” -Gabe

  25. Am I gay if my platonic lover….I mean “friend” is a dude?

  26. They were all knitting? They were ALL knitting! Oh, how ironic! Like tears on Turkish delight! Hey now, you know who would think that prank was genius? This guy!

  27. do you guys think its weird how tom hanks wrote, directed produced and paid for this movie and he gets to romance julia roberts? does that remind any body of garden state how the chinless fugly boy from scrubs wrote produced directed a movie where he gets to make kissy poo with my precious natalie portman before her pregnant era? I call shenanigans on this number

    • Isn’t that what Hollywood is all about? Making the most money so you have the power to pick who you get to romance?

      If not I better just go work somewhere else.

  28. Jood Job Jom Janks Jou’re Jilarious!

    LOL prank i misspelled those words on purposely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. Ok I know I always focus on the wrong details, but it seems unlikely that all 50 people already knew how to knit, which means he insisted they learn to knit, no? I guess there could have been more “banging needles together and throwing yarn around” than “knitting” going on, but, frankly, I don’t think Tom fucks around – if there is going to be a knitting prank it is going to be a good* knitting prank and that is that.

    *there is no such thing.

    • I was thinking the same thing, sort of. I was thinking of the poor soul who had to rush to knit a few rows on 50 sets of needles so it looked authentic when Julia walked in. Look at what Tom is holding in that picture – a good inch or two of knitted material, which he certainly didn’t do himself.

  30. What an interesting and annoying take on this.

  31. So’s I walk in on them one day, recalls Goetzman, and Julia’s wearing this long white beard like she’s a philosopher or something and under her robe is some sort of…device. And there’s Tom, oiled up like a lithe young Greek. I won’t even describe where they were in relation to one another. Anyway, we came up with this cute name for it…”

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