Roger Ebert has a new prosthetic chin for the new incarnation of At The Movies. Good for him! Looks good! Love Roger Ebert the most always.

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  1. In related news, Ben Lyons is going into surgery today to have his head removed from his ass.

  2. Dear Mr. Ebert,

    Prof. P.

  3. “Critics have declared ‘Roger Ebert’s New Chin,’ to be… ‘Flawless!’…’A Masterpiece!”

    And Peter Travers of Rolling Stone raves, “‘Roger Ebert’s New Chin’ is Even Better Then The Original!’”

  4. With an newfound confidence brought about by his iron chin, Roger Ebert challenges Regis Philbin to a boxing match.

    Mr. Philbin is all too happy to oblige.

  5. Love Roger, love the new prosthesis, agree with the hammer is my penis on all counts.

  6. I was about to mock this, but then I stopped. Good Job Roget Ebert.

    However, I will say that last image makes him look like reverse Robocop.

  7. He’s more machine than man now

  8. He looks so good. Yeah for him, always.

  9. Forget thumbs up/thumbs down. Roger should incorporate the new beard into a movie rating system. Really good movie like The Fighter get 5 beards. A movie like The Dilemma gets 1/2 a beard.

  10. I know this may be controversial, but I don’t think that a chin implant can ever truly be considered art.

  11. There are 69 comments on that Skins kiddie porn article. Videogum is for lovers.

  12. I like the article for the content. But I also hate the article because Roger used the same title as Jay Leno’s autobiography! Shame on you Roger!

    Every article on Roger for the past two years has made me weepy. Now, back to the business of illuminating cinema!! Can’t wait.

  13. Robot Ebot, rite guyz?

  14. He IS the best. But somehow, I still can’t forgive him for saying that Home Alone 3 was better than the first two.

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