Last night, millions of people gathered in their homes, in bars, and in VFW halls to watch an historic clash between generations. An older person attempted to connect with younger people, but missed the mark. That’s right: the mom on the new 90210 made a classic Dirty Dancing joke and her kids didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about:

Good one, Debbie! Mom made a funny! That’s all I’m going to say about that show today except I can’t believe they’ve already resorted to the ’80s-era DeGrassi plot about the kids having to carry a fake baby around to learn about what a pain in the ass they are.

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  1. at least it wasn’t an egg.

    that ian ziering and andrea zuckermann had to then pass off at the checkpoint to get directions to the rave.

  2. Yeah the whole baby thing, I was like… ummm really? Cause, like, I thought they only did that shit in Saved By The Bell and Full House and stuff. Where one of the classmates ended up with a baby that had been on fire.

    Except they 21st centuryized it with a “same sex couple” and monitoring software.

  3. DeGrassi high for life hoes!

  4. The sad thing about that Dirty Dancing joke is that it’s true; teenagers don’t know shit about anything that happened before the year they were born. :(

  5. Wait, not knowing about Dirty Dancing is a bad thing? Not knowing about that movie is anything but sad. Are we going to deride future generations for not being aware of Varsity Blues too, or just certain shitty movies. May the young people continue to be ignorant of old shit? I hope so.

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