If the woman who videotaped this animal video taped all the animal videos it could be just the boost that the struggling animal video industry needs to finally break into the Internet market. As it stands, no one on the Internet ever watches animal videos, so it’s worth a try! (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. Who’s behind the camera?


  2. I think he’s got horpes.


    There’s an apple for that.

  3. Only some of you may be able to attest to this, but the woman behind the camera is me.

  4. I have seen Christmas Tree Kitty Lady’s work. Christmas Tree Kitty Lady’s work is well-known to me. You, madam, are no Christmas Tree Kitty Lady.

  5. That horse reminds me of Miss Christina Aguilera. Just a god-given desire to grind itself on a pole (or tree)

  6. Oh, Dallas!

  7. “Horsey Butt Itch!” just became my new exclamation.

    “Hey, teach, it’s Friday and you just got paid!”
    “Horsey Butt Itch! Let’s go get drunk!”

  8. There’s a stick up your butt, you horse’s ass!

  9. “Horsey Butt Itch” is now the name of my experimental chamber-pop concept album.

  10. That horse needs to talk to Balloon Boy’s dad.

  11. Come on, lady. Show, don’t tell!

  12. That’s something I didn’t want to see-biscuit.

  13. Is “cute, win, or fail” the new “kill, fuck, or marry”? I think so. Cute, win, or fail: Bela Lugosi, Orson Welles, and Jimmy Stuart.

  14. She’s going to laugh herself ho(a)rse!

  15. Yo, chewin’ gum makin’ videoz uh horses with my iPod Touch, just another great day on the farm.

  16. “Please kill me.” – Tree

  17. You know horses are very intelligent. There was once a man who taught his horse to read, he taught the horse history, he even taught it mathematics. But he could never teach that damned horse philosophy. I guess its true that you cant put Descartes before the horse.
    Nailed it.

    • One time there was this jockey and he was in a race with this other jockey. When they were racing the other jockey’s horse died, and the first jockey won the race. The results were appealed, but the judge ruled that you can beat a dead horse.

      Thank you and

      • You know, if you breed an American Paint Horse (which has an easy going temperament and is used for cattle work) with a Hanoverian horse (which excels in jumping, dressage, and eventing), you’ll get a horse with all of those qualities. These qualities are due to the horse’s genetics, and that’s what makes a horse’s race.

        am i funny do you guys like me?

  18. She loved salsa dog, too.


  19. Personally, I’m more of a fan of the Beech or Red Maple. Nothing like a soft bark on the tush.

  20. I feel like this lady might be related to Lonnie (of dog videotaping fame).
    “Aw, come on, Joby! Not on the tree!”

  21. How does the old saying go?

    “You can lead a horse to a small tree, but you can’t make it scratch its ass.” That’s it, right?

  22. horses are dumb.

  23. So, uh, how about that local sports team…?
    I don’t really have anything to add here; I had a great zinger for the “Pavement on Ace of Cakes” story, but the comments were closed, so I decided to drop in here and see what was going on.
    I’ll, uh, just be over here if you need me.
    *Pours himself a Fresca and stands in the corner*

  24. We can all assume the lady stopped recording so she could go smell the tree.

  25. I think the horse wanted to go swimming but was embarrassed because he forgot his trunks.

    I’ll show myself out…

  26. I hope this isn’t doing anything for me.

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