I’m not saying there aren’t lots of terrible rappers in Australia, I’m sure that country is lousy with awful rappers, but I think we can all agree that RAED is the worst. He’s probably the worst rapper throughout southeast Asia, even! He is very bad. (If you do not remember how bad he is, jog your memory here and jog your memory here.) Well, now RAED has his very own 8 Mile! Mom’s spaghetti! It is called still flowin the movie and it is “comming soon.” There aren’t very many details at this point, but it stars RAED, it seems to be about RAED, it’s definitely awful, it looks like it was filmed on a tuna can, and I hate it. Watch the trailer here:

You better lose yourself, RAED. For real. Get lost.

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  1. Due to dyslexia, I pretty much always read his name as “READ,” and think, “well, even if he is terrible at rapping, at least he has a good message. Books for all!” Then I figure out reality and get twice as sad.

    So, thanks for that, Raed. Who needs all this joy, anyway?

  2. Still not Baz Luhrmann’s worst movie, though.

  3. RAED: So bad, he is the worst in two continents.

  4. I have a feeling this movie will be nominated for an Oscar for “Best Sound” among other things.

  5. “The only thing worst than being talked about badly is not being talked about at all.” -Someone who has never heard RAED, obviously.

  6. Anybody know the number for Australian Fandago? I just need to ask them something real quick.

  7. This. Looks. Awesome.*

    *not really

  8. RAED, the golden globes are over! Guess you’ll just have to wait until next year.

  9. I feel like I’ve seen the guy in the first scene somewhere before…

  10. The government does not like RAED.

    Neither does anyone else.

  11. Other dude: “So, you’re a rapper?”
    Raed: [redacted]
    Other dude: “You have aphasia?”

  12. Rap movies have never been able to top this:

  13. I’m no Hollywood insider but I think when you’re making movies you at least put the microphone close to the actors. You can’t even hear half of this shit.

  14. My mom has taped school recitals more compelling than this.

  15. I want this guys life.

  16. I don’t know you guys. This looks like a set up for an excellent all-male porno.

  17. Australian Accents rank high on my list of “Things That are Always Adorable” (right below ‘youtube videos of dogs sleeping’ and above ‘two people bicycles’).

    So I really can’t take any of this seriously, because I was waiting for someone to wrestle a kangaroo/crocodile/Hugh Jackman to the ground.

  18. Misspelled Rap Names!

    Mehtod Man
    Kayne West
    50 Cnet
    Ol’ Ditry Batsadr

  19. Quick, RAED! Think of a gangster!

    “Um…Mickey Blue Eyes, bro.”

  20. when will videogum comment on the important news that anne hathaway is going to be catwoman in the next batman movie? as much as I hated those batman movies I will definitely have to go see this

  21. Australia’s best rapper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OJ4OSyETNs

    Too hardcore for himself.

  22. Bah, videogum comment system tricked me!


  24. I didn’t read this (or watch it), but I’m just sad that I can’t type Pavement puns in the Pavement Ace of Cakes post.

  25. “So you’re a rapper?”
    “And you’re making a movie in which you play yourself?”
    “Make sure not to include any of your music in the trailer, or really any music at all aside from you awkwardly ‘freestyling’ around a campfire.”

  26. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen this, but it’s incredamazing.


  27. You gotta love this script!

    MATE #1: So what do you see when you look in those stars?

    RAED: (gibberish)

    MATE #2: Yeah? Well I see a big house and a Mercedes in the drov-way.

    RAED: (excited gibberish)!

  28. There are actually good Australian hip-hop groups:


  29. @jawnofthedead
    I’m surprised Gabe has never done a piece on Speak, I actually saw him live in Hungary, absolutely hilarious. People had some of hi iconic lines, like ‘Tupac Shakur, he was the best’, Yeah c’mon’ and ‘stop your business’ painted on their chests.

  30. I defy anyone to tell me what this movie is about based on the trailer.

    • Casual sexism and racisim? It’s the story of modern Australia – OBVIOUSLY. No seriously, I have no idea. Does this mean I’m going to get exported?

      • Exported? Regardless of the fact that I am a very high value natural resource, I’m just going to go ahead and get my DEPORTation papers ready now for that.

  31. still flowin’ would be a great movie about problems that girls sometimes have.

  32. I like the part at the beginning where the two guys talk about killing RAED.

  33. I actually live in Melbourne, home of both Bangs and RAED (our #1 and #2 rappers respectively), and I WILL NOT REST until I see the premiere for this film.

    I don’t know when it’s ‘comming’ but I will definitely track it down.

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