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  1. You JEALOUS

  2. That website would be better if it were fried and covered with cheese

  3. The last time I invited a girl to come to “Flavortown, USA” I was slapped with a restraining order

  4. More like, amirite?!

  5. Guy Fieri should be a contestant on his own Minute to Win It, with the challenge of winning the love of us Monsters in one minute or less. Can he do it?!!?

  6. “No Shirts, No Shades, No Watches = No Service!” — Flavortown, USA

  7. Not that I want to be the one defending Guy Fieri or anything, BUT. At least Guy looks like he eats what he eats, not like Giada or Rachael Ray that probably spit out the food as soon as they smile into the camera.

  8. FlavortownUSA? More like hipandhappeningsuperawesometown, amirite?!

  9. What a Ritz cheese-steak slider that guy is.

  10. Gabe I just punched my computer screen, you owe me one computer, and also a signed picture of Birdie

  11. It is cheap and awful, but I have no doubt that it is in fact the “Best Fansite Dedicated to Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”

    • For now. The second and third best are currently undergoing extensive top-down redesigns, and will compete again in May at the 7th Annual Guy Fieri Fan Site Championship.

      First prize is a $50 gift card to TGI Friday’s.

    • This reminds me of when I drove past San Francisco’s First Chinese Southern Baptist Church. I thought to myself at the time, “Yes, I do believe it is.”

  12. Guy Fieri strikes me as someone who’s probably going to die on a toilet.

  13. No one man should have all those watches.

  14. Too many Lipitor pop-ups.

  15. Also not trying to wave the waffle cone flag for Guy, but…

    i don’t eat cheeseburgers with gravy as a career, mind you, but i don’t mind having a state-by-state list out there where i can find a cheeseburger if i really do want a weird, completely insane one.

    unfortunately, 15 seconds ago marked the last time i’ll ever be visiting the best guy fieri site in the world…

  16. Sad thing is, it’s actually better than Guy’s official site ( The bottom section of links on the official site is like a stream-of-consciousness ramble. “Events. Armed Forces Entertainment. Media. Pasta.”

  17. I’d like to point out the fourth link under the “Who & How” section: “Tell Guy Where To Go”.

    • The man strikes again! “Lets hope that someone wakes up, sucks up their embarrassment and embraces what their fans want and lets this community live and breath because they love the show that much.” Well said! We DDD fans need to stick together and help out those “newbies” who are just now discovering this obscure, underground show. Also, how sad is it to be the wife of the guy who runs the DDD fan site?

  18. I can’t wait to pick up my bad-ass Gatorz sunglasses and rockin’ Fender T-shirt!

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