I love these guys. They should make a movie together called Grumpiest Old Men.

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  1. As Regis gets older, he looks more and more like Yoda.

  2. P.S. I am still the woooooooorrrrrssssttttt.

    Love Always,

    Lavid Detterman

  3. I think that Regis looks similar to my deceased Grandpa. Therefore, I love the Regis because everytime I see him on a TD Bank commercial I am reminded of him. :)

  4. Sorry friends. I’ve been looking at this guy all my life, and I just can’t grasp why people love him so much. He just seems like someone’s creepy, unfunny uncle who makes inappropriate comments at family gatherings. Ya know what I mean?

  5. When I meet strangers, I tell them my name is Regis.

  6. The second best thing to Letterman and Regis is Letterman and Charles Grodin. I’m an old-man-pairings connoisseur.


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