Kirstie Alley Tattoo

Dope ink, kid. (Hahaha. Cool talk. Just call me Wise.) Tattoos aren’t forever anymore, right? They’re all temporary? I’m just assuming I missed the international news story in which it was reported that there is no such thing as a permanent tattoo, at which point this guy was like, “might as well.” And then he RAAAANNNNNNNNN
to his nearest temporary tattoo parlor for what is definitely not a permanent tattoo because could you imagine? (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Scientology is the only explanation for this.

  2. If you look at it the right way, it kinda looks like Shelly Long, or an old lady.

  3. Fat Actress. Phat tattoo.

  4. That’s Robin Colcord’s chest. His love is forever.

  5. I don’t know, are we sure it’s Kirstie Alley? It looks more like Mufasa to me.

  6. I assume this picture was taken just before he got a matching Tim Allen tattoo on his right pectoral.

  7. The detail of her facial stubble is exquisite.

  8. At least he seems to be sincere in his appreciation of Kirstie Alley. Most people get that kind of weird pop culture references as a joke. These guys know what I’m talking about:

    Shameless plug? Shameless plug. At least it’s on topic.

  9. This tattoo is going to be much more accurate when he lets himself go in later years.

  10. I could live with the tattoo if he would deal with that code red chest hair situation.

  11. looks like he got mike tyson’s face tattooed on his arm as well.

  12. I’m a fan of some chest hair, but super-curly shit like that just grosses me out

  13. After this tattoo, he needs to hide in VERONICA’S CLOSET! BAM! TV, SON!

  14. That tattoo looks DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. CHEERS, my friend, you and Kirstie and now joined FOR RICHER OR POORER.

  15. Is this Kirstie Alley as one of the X-Men?

  16. Look Who’s Talking Tattoo

  17. i was under the impression that his chest was just one large lint roller… whoops.

  18. Alternate headline: Nappy Ass Chest Hair, Barf!

  19. Ugh, this is definitely not the chest I want to see when I first wake up.

  20. I have a similar tattoo but it is the entire cast of Veronica’s Closet.

  21. The world of Bad Tattoo Getters (that’s a thing, right?) will need to step up their game in this Post-Gucci Mane-Ice Cream Face Tattoo Era.

  22. I’m going to nickname him Kirstie Tit.

  23. Not a tattoo. I think it’s just a design on that nubby sweater he’s wearing.

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