At first, it seems impossible that we have not played this game before, like finding a shrink-wrapped copy of Scrabble on the shelf at your parents’ house. “Mom, have we never played Scrabble before? Not even when I was growing up? That seems like the kind of game we would have played as an intellectually curious middle-class family.” “Ask your father.” You and your mom sure talk a lot about the historical precedent of board games in your engaged and loving household! And yet, here we are: Winter Movies! An instant classic! (Admittedly, we have played Holiday Movies before, and also Autumn Movies, but those are clearly entirely different games. Would you wear bowling shoes to a beach volleyball game?! Would you put on a baseball glove before picking up a bowling ball?! OTHER SPORTS THINGS THAT DON’T GO TOGETHER AND MAKE COMICAL MISMATCHED COMBINATIONS?!

Anyway, what better day to play this than today, when we are just up to our necks in winter. So:

  • Snow Angels in the Outfield
  • Frosty/Nixon
  • Blue Slush
  • Like Water For Hot Chocolate
  • Snow Country For Old Snowmen
  • A Daylight Savings Time to Kill

This one is best played on an INDOOR court! Get it? You get it. Brrrrrrlolololrrrrrr.

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  1. Snow Dogs

  2. Of Ice and Men

  3. Snow Country for Old Men

  4. Dr. Snow

  5. Scarfface

  6. The icicle thief

  7. The Glovely Bones

  8. The Big Chill

  9. The Snow Flake House

  10. Ice Cold American Winter

  11. Glove, Actually

  12. Brrrrrrrring it On

  13. Brrrpico

  14. Hot Cocoanan the Barbarian

  15. Day of the Jacket

  16. Black Ice Swan

  17. The Cold Minor’s Daughter

  18. Toboggan with the Wind

  19. Shovelvet Goldmine

  20. The Big LebowSki Lift

  21. Fever Pitch Black at 4 pm

  22. Children of Snowmen

  23. Fahrenheit -451

    (I happen to love this movie, although everyone I know who’s actually seen it absolutely hates it.)

  24. Snow Pilgrim vs. The Warm

  25. The Blizzard of Oz

  26. Like Water for Hot Chocolate

  27. Spacesnowballs

  28. Rear Windchill

  29. DeFrost/Nixon

  30. Fahrenheit: -911

  31. Night of the Living Sled
    Dawn of the Sled
    Day of the Sled
    Land of the Sled
    Diary of the Sled
    Survival of the Sled

  32. Training Sleigh

  33. Depression

  34. Can’t Buy Me Glove

  35. Aboot Schmidt

  36. The Rock Salton Sea

  37. Full Down Jacket

  38. Death Bed Socks: The Bed Socks that Eat People

  39. The Big Chilly

  40. There Will Be Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  41. Mulled Cider House Rules

  42. P.S., Igloo

  43. Sled Sonja
    The Thin Sled Line
    Sled Hot America Sumer, but in Winter

  44. Donnie Dark Out

  45. Placeholder for teacherfriday’s list of movies with Chill Smith

  46. Heat(er)

  47. Iceworld: The Movie

  48. The Black Swan Flies South for the Winter

    (Is is bad to just flat-out put winter in the title? The Green Hornet Winter! Rubber Winter!)

  49. Reality Frost Bites

  50. Some Like It Hoth

  51. Fast Food Hibernation

  52. Driving Very Carefully with Miss Daisy

  53. Glove in the time of Cholera

  54. Dr. Strangeweather or How I Learned to Stop Shivering and Love the Cold

  55. Mystic Shiver

  56. The Road (May be Icy when Wet, Drive with Caution)

  57. Some Like Hot Chocolate (alternatively Some like it cold (BOO THIS ONE))

  58. Cat On A Cold Tin Roof

  59. Tundra Thunder
    The Third Snowman
    Citizen Candy Kane

  60. Thaw
    Thaw I
    Thaw II
    Thaw III
    Thaw IV
    Thaw V
    Thaw VI
    Thaw: 3D

  61. Igloo Valentine

  62. Arctic Thunder

  63. Be Kind Slipperywind

  64. Frozen River

  65. 12 Angry Snowmen

  66. I know where you slid last winter.

  67. The Chapstick is Not Enough

  68. Ice Patch Adams

  69. Earth Girls Are Freezy


  70. The Snowtebook

  71. Frost/Blitzen

  72. The Week The Roads Went Out In Georgia

  73. the Snowcial Network

  74. The Kids are All White

  75. Jurassic Parka

  76. Tuke Fast Tuke Furious

  77. Fanteasia

  78. Los Angeles Winter Movies:

    Sun Dogs
    Warm Mountain
    The Man from Sunny River

  79. Slush Hour

  80. Igor and Cocoa

  81. Warm Milk (also #sleepytimemovies)

  82. Fly Away Home When the Airports Reopen

  83. Winter’s Bone

  84. Freeze All That
    Freeze Having My Baby
    Freeze Just Not That Into You

  85. Rudolph

  86. Rub-BRRR

  87. Ice-pickable Me

  88. The Invention of Lying Under Lots of Blankets

  89. Nor’easter Parade

  90. The Skeleton Ski

  91. Apocalypse Plow

  92. I guess “Singin’ In The Snow” makes sense, climatologically. Still doesn’t make for a very good comment.

  93. S.A.D. Max

  94. Snow Fort the Love of The Game

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