Speaking of low expectations not even being met, I’m worried about Saturday Night Live, you guys. I mean, I’m not worried about Saturday Night Live, obviously. It’s doing fine. And I am an adult. I know how to pick appropriate things to worry about. But I feel like this show is going through a rough transition, and this weekend’s episode was the roughest. Obviously, Gwyenth Paltrow is just the worst. She is, I’m sorry. Please believe–I know it’s asking a lot, but try–that I would admit if she had been good. I’m not so stubborn. She was not good. She was awful. Of course, she only had a couple days to rehearse because she got stuck in London because she lives in a castle in London, so that was probably part of it, but there was also the part where she just doesn’t have any comic timing and is far too self-serious to do this kind of work very well, although she doesn’t think she is self-serious at all, she thinks she’s a total yuck-em-up, which makes it really awkward and cringey. She’s like a mom telling a joke. Don’t even get me started on this. Also, what was up with all of the celebrity impressions? Were there any celebrities who WEREN’T impersonated this weekend? Every single sketch featured at least 10 celebrity impressions. Cool. 2011. Just what we have all agreed is the most interesting and enjoyable form of entertainment. Also Cee-Lo performed his hit novelty song that might as well be on a Weird Al Yankovic album for what it actually has to do with music. He was also great as the character “Wee Man” in Jackass 3D.

Not sure what “highlights” there are to discuss, but we will give it the old college try. (College, if Gwyneth Paltrow is reading this, is American English for “Uni.”)

Let’s start with the Digital Short since at least it doesn’t have Gwyneth Paltrow in it. It was kind of a mess! A little all over the place! But it did have Pee Wee Herman and Anderson Cooper in it, and if there is one thing everyone loves, it is unexpected juxtapositions of celebrities from different things. We all love that!

Also, there was Garth and Kat, which had a totally solid first few minutes before Gwyneth came and ruined it. Please stay out of my Garth and Kat, please, mum.

Annnnnnnnd that’s about it? They did Secret Word, I guess, which is usually a favorite of mine, but it was kind of not very good at all this time? I wonder why?! Could be any number of factors, I’m sure. It’s definitely the kind of sketch that is just super different from one time to the next, so you can’t just lay all of the blame on Gwyneth Paltrow’s shoulders just kidding yes you can she stinks she ruins things.

Oh Saturday Night Live. You are an indelible institution at this point, and we all have our ups and downs, but let’s rally, guys. Let’s go. On our feet. Shoulders dusted off. Head high. Shoulders back. At the very least, fewer celebrity impressions, my God.

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  1. “Nailed it!”

  2. I liked Jay Pharaoh’s impression of Jay-Z hugging Gwyneth at the end of the show.

  3. Anyway, Gwyneth and Cee-lo. I wonder if she’s going to sing with him. I would not at all put it past her. She LOVES singing. -KajusX & Chainsaws, January 12th, The Best Possible Promos For Gwyneth Paltrow’s Episode Of Saturday Night Live Are Those In Which She Does Not Appear Thread

    Never have I felt so sad being so right so fast. They sang together during the flipping monologue. Good grief.

  4. That’s been one of my main gripes with this show. Celebrity impressions and pop culture references. What is this, MADtv? There have been a few glimmers of hope from time to time, and it is a really respectable cast. It’s just that we need less worry about how many hits they’ll get on the internet and more potato-chip-astronaut-thief sketches.

  5. I also kind of laughed at the cape spin-offs:

  6. ESPN Deportes? No love?

  7. All in all, I have to admit I enjoyed the show. Although, I did find it peculiar that every role Gwyneth Paltrow played was an insufferable asshole and/or racist.


  8. I thought Secret Word was amazing this week. Oh wellz.

  9. wow. For as much as was tolerated when Jenny Slate was on SNL, seems like Gabe’s hate crush won’t even let him enjoy the best episode of the season. I have to hand it to her; I think gwyneth and cee-lo did what felt like the freshest episode of SNL since, oh, lazy sunday. Or at least dick in a box. oh well, to each his own.

    • I didn’t think it was the best episode of the season, but Gwyneth was clearly not terrible in it. She didn’t rely on cue cards, she was funny in the Secret Word sketch, and she carried the weakest sketches better than a lot of guest stars. None of that takes away from her being the worst, you understand.

      • I know I’m tardy to the party, but I just watch last week’s episode (Jim Carrey) and this week’s back to back. This week’s was certainly funnier. Real talk.

    • I agree. I can’t stand however you spell her name, but she was great on SNL. She’s got a decent sense of comic timing – unlike, say, Robert effing DeNiro (and countless other hosts promoting current films)? Maybe she should stick to projects that only last 2-3 minutes in length.

  10. The record exec skit was dreadful. Badly written, awkwardly performed, and with a central joke ripped off from those gum commercials.

  11. On the bright side, I have a new background image thanks to Gabe’s Garth and Kat pic.

  12. fair enough, gabe! but you cant tell me you werent rofling everywhere during the fresh prince of bel-air spoof?

  13. Seth Myers had a good moment with his Founding Fathers/Second Amendment riff. Then the Rent got Too Damn High again and of course, ugh.

  14. Maybe I’m a cheap date or something, but man, I thought the Digital Short was the best! I should keep a copy of it on my desktop so I can watch any time something depressing happens at work. So much love for that.

    Also: Cape spin-offs, Keenan in Shakespeare Theater (+1 KajusX), and OHMYGOD Jay Pharoah doing something other than trying to be Eddie Murphy! I actually enjoyed him in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air sketch! (Does anyone else think Jay Pharoah is trying too hard to be Eddie Murphy?)

    Anyway, thank you for your time, I will go back to lurking. Oh, also, my new code name for Cee-Lo is: “Magic Munchkin”.

    • I agree. I was screaming in laughter at the Digital Short. They had me at the “drinks, drinks, drinks” to the “shots, shots, shots” song. Well, actually, they had me when I saw PeeWee. Apart from dying a little inside at the sight of PeeWee’s aging, it was brilliant.

  15. I liked the episode, if only because it wasn’t all Kristin Wiig all day and night. She’s the worst (TV-wise). It could have used more Bill Hader, but then again, so could everything else.

  16. You know what’s wrong with SNL? Here’s what’s wrong… it’s just that the idea, that in this day and age, when everything is… you know, maybe it’s just me but, I could be wrong… you know what I think was really lacking? It’s just the… okay, I don’t know how else to say this, so here goes. It’s just that, when I was a boy, I couldn’t… okay. Now. Here’s what I’ve been trying to say… we all have dreams, right? Of course we do, so let’s just all put our differences aside, just for once… if we looked at the demographics of The McLaughlin Group, and really decided for once that…

  17. Gwynyth is kind of a wet noodle unless she can have a Bloody Mary at 10 a.m. and keep it going all day!

  18. The only thing she really, absolutely ruined for me (to the point of actually fast-forwarding) was Garth and Kat. The thing I love about that sketch in general is the fact that Kristen Wiig seems like she has no idea what the hell Fred Armisen is going to say next. With Gwenyth, it seemed like it was very well rehearsed since she appeared to know exactly what was coming next. Blerg. Totally crapped all over my SNL parade. Although, it did make me realize what a great actress Kristen Wiig is.

  19. i dont like how NBC is mainly smart/cute funny, opposed to smart/mean funny. miss the Will Ferrell days of SNL when he could do a sketch like “Happy Smile Patrol”, probably one of the sickest/graphic sketches in SNL history. Paul Brittain/Bill Hader seem like legit bros w/Ferrel like potential for subversiveness. Digital Short guys are now too cute for their own good. If I ever meet one of em, I’d just like to be like, “Hey guys, remember when you had balls?” seems like when they first started they were hungry, but are now content being apart of SNL establishment, ala Jimmy Fallon. Dude gave it a try, failed miserably, and came back crying to Lorne Michaels. Now he’s doing his cute guy routine everynight nerding out with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and every other big name SNL alum promoting it, NBC, and NBC related shows/movies (through their parent company). Maybe I’m just too cynical to enjoy SNL, which I could easily overlook, if it was actually funny.

  20. I don’t know about you guys but I thought the Secret Word sketch was hilarious. It’s like watching Exit Through The Gift Shop and realizing that Mr. Brainwash has NO idea that it systematically tears him apart as a human being and instead thinks that we are all watching him because we love him. Gwyneth Paltrow does the best Kirsten WIig’s impression of Gwyneth Paltrow impression I have ever seen! It is flawless! They even put them both in the same skit, so there’s Gwyneth being like, “yay people are laughing at my impression of a clueless, unintentionally extremely racist, culturally insensitive American member of the long declined British Aristocracy…I am so good at getting into character it really is a talent of mine, I feel like I didn’t even have to learn my lines they just existed in my head as WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY ALREADY” and then she smiled knowing that all the stars, they shine for her and her specifically and all the things she does and she finally understood why.

    This seems so diabolical I feel like Gabe had something to do with it, or the meme he spawned is actually about to switch mediums and jump in scale to one that entails the videogum message boards actually dictating an unwitting human’s entire life and thoughts to her…that’s the only logical conclusion of this common bond of a hatred someone that is also instrumental in our moral evaluation of our own place in this world…or something

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