Oh, the Golden Globes. You are the shoebuy.com to the Oscars’ Zappos. Always the bridesmaid, never the Oscars, RIGHT, GOLDEN GLOBES? Chin up, Golden Globes. At least you’re not the MTV Movie Awards. (Ding Dong.) Anyway, the Golden Globes are tonight, you guys. America’s highest honor, I’m sure. On the one hand, who gives a fuck about the Golden Globes? On the other hand, this. Also, Ricky Gervais. You love Ricky Gervais. (And you are correct to do so, he is great!) His Mel Gibson material was very solid last year, and that was before Mel Gibson had become MEL GIBSON. Who knows what wonders tonight holds. Just kidding. But here we are. So, let’s be here as a FAMILY. Share your thoughts and feelings about this incredibly meaningful and important event in the comments. And follow us on Twitter. Magic is in the air! Just kidding again. Don’t forget to DVR Bob’s Burgers. Let’s gooooo!

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  1. Sorry, not watching the Golden Globes tonight you guys. I’m a little preoccupied.

  2. I’m still watching football. I feel like I’m doing this right.

  3. I’m throwing my own personal Golden Globes party by watching all of Community because it didn’t get nominated so what’s the point of the Golden Globes again?

  4. You guys obviously don’t have girlfriends and a 2nd tv that’s too far away from the router for the xbox to pick up wifi.

  5. Part two of Dontown Abbey on PBS Masterpiece Theater tonight kids. What what!

  6. I am chatting in tinychat, trying to comment here and tweeting all while watching the Golden Globes and my huz and the dogs are playing games! Don’t they know that this is serious business?!

  7. Christian Bale looks like Jesus, you guys.

  8. The Australian Open also starts tonight! (Tennis anyone? anyone?) Vamos Pico!!

  9. Robert Downey Jr. was dressed by Pee Wee Herman…and I love it.

  10. Carson Daly should stop being around.

  11. Carson & Jimmy are so awkward together. They should kiss.

  12. Tiny chat? I want to tiny chat. How do I tiny chat?

  13. And the Golden Globe for caring about the Golden Globes goes to nobody

  14. Once again Helena Bonham Carter wins the red carpet.

    Fabulous bitch.

  15. I can’t find NBC so I’m watching commercials for local Thai restaurants instead. Hey Typhoon, your Phad Thai – more like BAD Thai, amirite????

    • I feel like there’s a metaphor in there, the Golden Globes is the mediocre Thai food of award shows or something

      • I can’t fully realize this Thai food metaphor now that All In The Family is on. Rob Reiner is no longer a Meat-Head: he’s looking MEAT-FAB on the red (shag) carpet!!!!!

  16. Holy shit, Christian looks like the Dude.

  17. a.) Hahahaha Tom Hanks and Spielberg look so perplexed that they just lost the Globe to a bunch of FOREIGNERS.

    b.) Apparently they sat all the winners tonight behind Jack McBrayer?

  18. Ugggggh, seven horrible words: “Here are two stars from Country Strong!”

  19. Woof. Hi TV, meet my sledgehammer, sledgehammer, meet my TV. Not even Ricky Gervais can save you now.

  20. Memo for Lea Michele:


  21. i suddenly realized that the only thing i really care about is that they give best score to trent reznor and atticus ross. i don’t know why this matters to me so much, because they’re just gonna give it to zimmer, but for some reason i want watch that guy from nine inch nails receive a golden globe for fucking around with a swarmatron.

    • YAY HE WON now i can do other things

      • i have to admit i was rooting for zimmer, but it was amazing to see trent reznor up there. if he wins the oscar, that will be pretty awesome.

        • i always love zimmer’s scores, but i really think trent’s was really the clear winner this year. it really was amazing to see him win, too. he’s now an Adult that People Take Seriously!

          • in all fairness, i haven’t seen the social network yet, and i’m not familiar with the score – i’m sure he totally deserves it. and seeing him so respectable is crazy – i remember my best friend in high school had the poster of him covered in mud from that year’s woodstock – now he’s in a tux. the 15 year old kid in me is proud.

          • Um yeah! If I hadn’t known that was Trent Reznor, I would’ve had no idea that was Trent Reznor. He could have just as easily been anonymous winner in nice tux!

  22. “As a serial killer who plays by his own rules” As opposed to all the serial killers who strictly follow federal regulations on how to properly be a serial killer?

  23. What were the Black Keys nominated for?

  24. I really don’t need to hear the lame guitar solo from what sounds like a house band sullying a great song like “Straight Up and Down”. They probably could have gotten Anton Newcombe to play the show for heroin money.

  25. Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be on that genealogy show! I’m setting my DVR right now!

  26. One of my friends keeps complaining via tweet whenever The Social Network wins something. Including when it won Best Score.

    I know Hollywood is overly obsessed with that movie, but that soundtrack is legit awesome. I kind of just wish she’d shut up.

  27. Is it just me, or does Annette Benning look like she’s the lead singer in a 4 Non-Blondes cover band? WHATS GOIN’ AHHHHHN…with her hair?

  28. Sylvester Stallone’s face is like the economic crisis: I don’t understand it, but I know it frightens me.

  29. It was nice of Tilda Swinton to swing by on her way home from karate class to present that award!

  30. seeing the real temple grandin so joyous was great!

  31. How do you get the job of Large Man Who Helps Actresses Climb The Stairs At The Golden Globes?

  32. How could Claire Danes forget to thank Brian Krakow for that inspiring letter he once gave her?

  33. I held my breath until Aaron Sorkin won.

  34. [IMG]http://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb356/kreigle37/Picture2.png[/IMG]

  35. Hahaha Helen Mirren just came on, and they cut to Spielberg, and he had this look on his face like, “IMPRESS ME.” Go to bed, Spielberg, and take Lea Michele with you.

  36. watching previews for “no strings attached” during a show that will likely award portman best actress is confusing.

  37. Jane Fonda came directly from SPAAAAAAAACE!

  38. Tom Jane doesn’t need a Golden Globe, he just wants his kids back!

  39. Ooooh Jeremy Irons is trying to out-annunciate Tilda Swinton! Shit just got real!

  40. dudes, ricky gervais is kicked off! he hasn’t been back in a while…

  41. wait, why is tim allen there?

  42. ricky gervais made this the best award show ever.

  43. this was my #1 fav moment

  44. I watched for a very long time (I have no control what my parents put on when I go to visit!) and I didn’t see a single cast member of Breaking Bad. Did they just show up, grab their statues, and go hit the bar or something?! Or did they have the statues delivered TO the bar?

  45. I can seriously gauge the drunk as i scroll down.

  46. here is the best pizza

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