They should start a club so they can get their own page in the yearbook.
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  1. Everyone’s seen Idiocracy right? Great documentary.

  2. “All I know is they’d better not be telling these kids about condoms and safe sex in school.” – way too many Americans

  3. I think I may know the culprit:

  4. Steve Urkel definitely did that.

  5. I’m glad they just expect excellence and not demand it because they would be disappointed.

  6. Are you sure it’s not Frajer High School?

  7. idiots
    -Steve Winwood

  8. Pregnancy Pact, girlfriends! BFFs!!!

  9. Due to shitty reporting, I began my own investigation, and shockingly, shockingly, it seems that the focus in this school is…abstinence!

    Okay kids, either resist biology, resist emotions, resist culture, or:

  10. Clearly, none of these kids learned their lesson while performing that “take care of this egg for a week” assignment.

  11. This is like that awful show “Skins”, but a few months after all the cameras have left.

    • I posed this question via Twitter, but I will repeat. Is “Skins” supposed to be “My So-Called Life” meets “Undressed”?

      • Skins is supposed to be Bristolians having the crazy ass teenage experiences we dreamed of/our parents feared, and it’s a brilliant insane soap opera at that. But now MTV is going to ruin it by remaking it because America’s too dumb to understand what lorries are.

  12. Man, I WISH that was my high school. Also, congratulations, I am going to jail now.

  13. I don’t have anything funny to say. I’m just really sad. I will hope for the best for everyone, and renew my contributions to planned parenthood.

  14. Well this is definitely a case of too little too late. Damn, Frasier High School, was it necessary to wait for 11% of your students to be pregnant before you start an initiative informing them about birth control?

  15. As for the “massive initiative in the works dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy in the Frayser community,” I heard this:

    “After school and in-school programs”… “run by a local non-profit”… “based on research”… “young men will be operated”… “social innovation”… “future generations”… “no worries.”


  16. I like how the pregnancy rate is for the entire student population. “Eleven percent of the women and men at Frayser High School are pregnant.”

  17. Memphis also has one of the highest murder rates so it all evens out i guess

  18. My best friend is called Fraser. I think he might be using a misspelling and might be behind this…

    I will investigate and report back Monsters…..

  19. So that’s the school Tracy Jordan was talking about.

  20. Look who was in the Memphis area about 8-9 months ago:

  21. And these muthafuckaz are MY future? Oh hell naw! Fuck that noise.

  22. LOL I love how this is BREAKING FUCKING NEWS ZOMG

    • Yeah, that’s a fun little part of the video. This is not BREAKING NEWS at all. Breaking news is reserved for things that are happening as they speak… unless… ew.

    • Seriously, this was the worst part.

      BREAKING NEWS: Yes this story has been happening for the last 9 months but WE JUST HEARD ABOUT IT!

  23. Oddly enough, no pregnancies were reported at Nyles High School.


  24. At least this school is #1 in something other than juvenile felonies and drop outs….am I right or am I right? (I’ll show myself out)

  25. So basically if you’re a guy who guys to this school, getting laid is like a 99% sure thing.

  26. It’s a banner year for the local Target’s baby registry, to be sure.

  27. My aunt used to teach here, and it’s really just one of the worst schools in a city full of major problems. This just makes me sad. Institutional something-or-other.

  28. true story: i graduated high school with a girl who had 3 (!) children. also i watched a pregnant girl get a glass bottle broken over her head in a fight. also our homecoming queen was pregnant. our school taught sex ed. we also had those fancy babies that had computers in them and cried and whatnot. but sex ed was in 5th grade, and they let you return the baby if it “cried too much.” so maybe sex ed + reasonableness is what we really need

  29. No Memphis Reaganauts out there?

    Frasier Man, where have you gone?
    Left your car there on the lawn….
    Wrestlin’ starts at half-past 1,
    Oh Frasier Man, don’t be gone long!

    (Although from the looks of things, I think Frasier Man moved out of Frasier some years ago.)

  30. In Britain, they would call it Kelsey Grammar School.

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