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  1. I’m eagerly looking forward to an exclusive first look of Andrew Spiderman in Garfield reboot.

  2. January 13th Summary:

  3. Wait a minute! I don’t think that’s really Andrew Garfield! Can’t fool me Gabe!

  4. Little sisters are always left out of the cool shit. Always just background dancers in the homemade, living room music videos of life.

  5. Isn’t he a little short for a Spiderman?

  6. “Filming this movie really took a few years off my life” – Andrew Garfield

  7. Spoiler Alert: Charles J. Guieau shoots him at the end over the issue of political patronage.

  8. Not Pictured: Julie Taymor, with a tempting job offer.

  9. That should be me

  10. Cover: Blown.

  11. wait, spider-man is white?

  12. I was really upset that Donald Glover wasn’t cast as Spiderman, but looking at the imdb page today I realized I AM SO EXCITED! I love Spiderman. He’s like Spiderman 3 pie good.

  13. What is with all our young male actors looking like K D Lang lately?

  14. Just another normal day for Jeb: staring at children in their underwear on the computer.

  15. Today should be called Nerd Alert Day because:

  16. Is this the second Marvel reboot in five years? What a tangled web!


    Seriously, you guys, Andrew Garfield is Bambi. Changed my life.

  18. The kids got a freekin Lego tattoo! I’m gonna beat Gucci Mane and tattoo this on my face!

  19. why is this movie?

  20. I just pray to God it’s gritty.

  21. Who the fuck is Andrew Garfield?

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