Q: Is the flame glove system fully operational?

A: Yes.

(Thanks for the tip, aftershock.)

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  1. Do not give these to the meth addict fighting invisible snakes.

  2. What a flamer!

  3. A flaming weapon for a post-DADT world.

  4. How’s he gonna masturbate now?

  5. Didn’t Tony Stark perfect it in 2008?

  6. He doesn’t look like Dhalsim…

  7. Now to find a gal wearing marshmallow pants.

  8. Why is this guy not our King yet?

  9. And with his homemade flame gloves, he won the high school dance contest and got the girl.

  10. When I was in elementary school, I was in Indian Guides. I remember on one camp out, some kid said his gloves were fireproof. This video reminds me of that story.

  11. Wow! Great comments, you guys! Seriously top-notch material. I mean it–you’re all on fire today!

    ….ok, I’m leaving.

  12. Sadly, Matthew Lesko’s time as Flame Glove spokesperson was short lived…

    RIP ML

  13. so, what am I supposed to do with this boner during the work day?

  14. I, for one, nerdcome our internerditary overnerds.

  15. So he taped two Bunsen burners to his palms, what’s the big deal?

  16. ‘I would dance with you, Maria, but my hands are on fire.’

  17. Somewhere deep in my mind, an 8 year old version of myself is screaming “I WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING.”

  18. John Jacobson needs to step up.

  19. With this and the ketchup robot, all we need is a mechanical strategy to slice buns and our future-proof hotdog stand will be on fire!

  20. “Need a light?”

    - Starcraft Guy (I will die alone).

  21. Sorry, but this is still my favorite flaming glove.

  22. Cool hobby, Duncan.

  23. You gotta give this guy credit for bravery for putting the flames near the palm of his hands. Any mishaps and he could end up “lonely” for the rest of his life.

  24. Fire in a Can 2.0

  25. This is going to revolutionize the “Illusionsist” industry.

  26. Psshht. My Nintendo Power Glove left those things in the dust.

  27. The age-old question still remains: BUT WHERE DID THE LIGHTER FLUID COME FROM?


  29. Step 1: Flame Glove System Demo
    Step 2: Mask
    Step 3: Vigilante Justice

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