Point: “You’re never too young to look bangin.” – Snooki
Counterpoint: “That is not even remotely true. Sometimes you are absolutely too young to look bangin.” – Human Beings with Decency, Self-Worth, and a Moral Code

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  1. Oh Snooki, you so silly.

  2. Stop right there, young lady.

  3. But having bangs makes you look years younger so it’s all sort of a wash.

  4. I didn’t know Snooki’s last name is Polanski!

  5. - Snooki, do you have any idea what the phrase ‘bangin’ connotates?
    - Um, bangs?

  6. We need to come up with a “The Worst” pyramid, because I find myself applying that title to Gwyneth, Snooki, Sarah Palin, Katherine Chloe Cahoon, Glenn Beck, Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, etc. to such a degree that I know the can’t all possibly be the Worst because statistically, it would just make them all average.

    The only I can be sure is not the worst is Katherine Heigl, as she is and always will be, history’s greatest monster.

    • And thus begins Videogum’s newest weekly feature, The Hunt For The Worst Person Of All Time.

    • i started making this but then i fucked up and now i’m too lazy

    • katherine heigl is terrible at her job and doesn’t seem to be a nice person, but history’s greatest monster? even in celebrity context, i cannot agree.

      i would say snooki (and the cast of jersey shore) is worse than most – famous for being idiots, and getting paid to act this way. actually, whoever thought of jersey shore is the worst, and whoever writes the cast’s paychecks is a close second.

      • None, however, are higher than every person involved in the creation of Teen Mom. They are all tied for being the worst ever.

        • that show is also terrible. it’s influence could go either way – does it glamorize teen pregnancy or serve as a cautionary tale?

          as an adult, i think it’s scary that these kids are raising kids and their lives look like nightmares. although, a 15 year old might process that differently – “she has a baby and she’s on tv! i should do that”

  7. I have a 10 year old niece and if she ever dressed remotely “bangin” (which doesnt mean “orange”, i guess) I would freak out.

  8. Someone needs a guardian ad litem (it’s Snooki (sorry, been a state court employee for a little too long)).

  9. ‘Snookified’ and ‘Mini-Snookie’. Webster’s, are you paying attention? We have two new contenders.

  10. Point:


  11. Monsters, I am too tired to comment tonight. I was working for another composer today, and I forgot that when you work for other people you can’t be on VGum all day. I guess there’s always Thursday, the Thor-i-est day around.

  12. “You’re never too short to look orange.” – Snooki

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