This is you:

BONK! Lots of love! (Via HaveYouSeenThis?)

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  1. Whoever cleaned that window must have used this.

  2. Camera Operator: Muttley

  3. “Is…is that a PUBIC hair??”

  4. the best part is, right as he ran off camera, i bet he bonked into another window. ETC.

  5. Not Safe For Windows

  6. Thanks for teaching me how to streak. Next week’s lesson: the proper techniques behind a successfull “Dougie.”

  7. I know there’s a joke here about the Secret to Streak Free Windows, but I’m just too wiped to try.

  8. Cool laugh, Gabe.

  9. “so…. yeah…..ummm…are we on the duece court or the ad court?”
    -people playing tennis

  10. This is our generation’s Man Getting Hit By Football.

  11. “Hey Weezy, could you film me streaking? I’d like to never be able to find a job or a girlfriend again.”

    -my logic

  12. This video is flooding back painful memories for me. In high school I was at a party and I walked into a glass door while taking a sip from a beer and I jammed the bottle into my two front teeth. Everybody saw it (and heard it, my teeth made a *ting* noise) and I was the laughingstock for weeks.

  13. This happened at my house the other day. Except the streaker was a pigeon and the pigeon died.

  14. The best streak ever? The best streak EVER.

  15. Marriage? The Birth of His Children? Seeing His Long Suffering Team Win the World Championship? Curing Cancer? Nope…this will always be the best day in the cameraman’s life.

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