New feud! Remember Amanda Lorber, the loveable know-it-all from MTV’s The Paper? Well, she saw Bill Maher’s Religulous this weekend, and has taken to YouTube to express her thoughts on it, including some great zings like “You would have to be…in love with Bill Maher not to sort of despise him by the end of the film.”

Amanda Lorber is 18 years old, and certainly the only MTV reality star ever to use (or know) the phrase “monotheistic religions.” We need to keep an eye on this girl, because she’s definitely going somewhere. (Nice catch by Rich Four Four, who also points out the truth that Amanda looks amazing.)

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  1. uh  |   Posted on Oct 7th, 2008 +2

    she sounds like every single other semi-intelligent college freshman excited about the new and amazing and never-been-thought-of-before thoughts she’s having, but really they’re so cliche it makes your butt hole hurt

  2. she had me at culturally jewish!

  3. gmarley  |   Posted on Oct 7th, 2008 0

    Why does she talk like Lumberg the whole time?

  4. She looks a little like Lo from The Hills no? It would help me if she moved things along a little faster. But yes, she does look great.

  5. “Remember Amanda Lorber, the loveable know-it-all from MTV’s The Paper?”


    (i like how she’s practically whispering into the camera, as if her crazy “culturally jewish” parents are going to come barging in waving the torah and VHS recordings of Bill Maher tapes around)

  6. I’m a PC and my boring, asinine, contradictory vlogs are the BEST!

  7. btw, that’s my girlfriend.

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