You always hear these OUTRAGEOUS stories about Hollywood celebs playing total goof-em-up pranks* on each other while on the set of their blockbuster movies, you know, just to keep things light and fun, and I guess also to remind regular people that being a movie star is absolutely not actual work in anyway whatsoever and it is just playing make-believe all day, eating free food, getting paid disgusting amounts of money, and then having a prank-based laugh in your spare time (your spare time, of course, occurring during “work”). Well, this great new prank that is so great and definitely a prank reported by US Weekly under the headline “Brad Pitt Played “Hilarious” Prank on Jonah Hill” is NO DIFFERENT. These things are just so fun to read about and even funnier to imagine really happening!:

When [Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill] teamed up to film Moneyball in the summer of 2010, actor Keith Middlebrook says Pitt, 47, pranked Hill by giving his set of wheels a makeover.

“This one time, for fun, he painted Jonah Hill’s golf cart bright pink,” Middlebrook tells “He had the faces of Wham!, George Michael and [Andrew Ridgeley], painted on his golf cart.”

To up the ante, Pitt added pink balloons to Hill’s tricked-out golf cart. “When you put the gas pedal on, it played the song “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,’” Middlebrook adds. “I’m still cracking up about it! It was just total chaos.”

HAHAHAHHAHA WHAT A GOOD PRANK! GOOD PRANK, BRAD PITT! YOU ARE KING OF THE PRANKS! Also, kudos to actor Keith Middlebrook. A lot of these actors nowadays aren’t very intellectually curious, but this guy definitely knows what a prank is and also what “total chaos” means. (Thanks for the tip, @grahamorama.)

*It actually makes sense, since pranks are the worst, and celebrities are the worst, so of course celebrities love pranks.
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  1. Oh man, that reminds me of that one time when Randall from accounts payable hid Dave from accounts receivable’s coffee mug. TOTAL CHAOS.

  2. You just got Jeff’d!

  3. Why does Jonah Hill have a golf cart? Does he golf? He is not 45 and working in a law firm

  4. Quote from the story: “He had the faces of Wham!, George Michael and [Andrew Ridgeley], painted on his golf cart.”

    Actual quote: “He had the faces of Wham!, George Michael and that other guy… um… the other guy from Wham! I think his name was Keith or Billy. Whatever, you know who I mean. So Brad had George and Billy’s faces painted on his golf cart. Hee hee! By the way, do you party? No? That’s cool. That’s cool”

  5. ashton, you just got dethron’d!

  6. “Prrrraaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkkssssss” – Brad Pitt

  7. This sounds more like the best gift EVER than a “prank.” I would kill to have that golf cart!

    • ” ANGELINA THROWS BRAD OUT!: After discovering Brad bought his new lover Jonah Hill a GIFT commemorating the love they share for Wham, Angelina threw a tantram and put all of Brad belongings in front of their giant mansion….then ODed on Heroin… then tried to give her daughter a sex change so that no man could ever hurt her this way… then began a relationship with Jennifer Aniston.”

      -In Touch

  8. I bet when he drove it the balloons obstructed his view and then WHAM!, right into a wall.

  9. I prefer to think of Brad Pitt as a patron of the wonderful art of custom car painting. Exhibit A:

  10. And, of course, Punk’d remains popular in syndication

  11. More like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Kart”! WHAM!

  12. Now I wonder if this was actually a prank.

  13. Which homophobic slur was painted on the cart, bc this was certainly headed that direction.

    • I don’t usually judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m pretty sure that Keith Middlebrook is a huge fan of homophobic pranks. “HILL-AR-EE-OUS, brah!”

      • whoa is that who Keith Middlebrook is? I trust that it must be because I have never been afraid of any avatar the way I am afraid of your’s mr. (or ms.?) atom, and I am afraid not to trust you.
        I thought this guy was an idiot but now I must say:


  14. The Curious Pranks of Benjamin Button

  15. How much did this little jokeroo cost, anyway? What did he do- take the golf cart to the pimp my ride place? Hire Banksy to paint the Wham! portraits? Does Brad Pitt even know where to procure pink balloons? He probably hasn’t even been in an actual store since Thelma & Louise.

  16. Brad Pitt doesn’t know the difference between pranking and defacing someone else’s property.

  17. A job like this? You’d need a TEAM for a job like this…

  18. Sporty AND stylish.

  19. The first rule of Prank Club is have enough money to hire someone to do all your pranking for you.

  20. “Homophobia: Still Funny”
    -Brad Pitt

  21. If Brad Pitt was my friend, and I saw him go to these lengths for a prank with this level of hilarity (read: none), I would be worried. I would feel that the “prank” reflected the fundamental emptiness of my friend Brad Pitt’s life. Which is to say, are you okay, Brad Pitt? What is the matter?

  22. Best celebrity prankster of all time? Roman Polanski.

  23. “Pranks for the memories!” –Keith Middlebrook

  24. I don’t think Gabe has any merit in saying celebrities don’t actually work. Isn’t Gabe’s work writing snide comments about celebrities? #Imjealous

    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing while reading that. Oh poor Gabe who has to “work” while these celebrities do the things that people pay them to do. Don’t cry for me Argentina, Dorothy

  25. This is the first time that I would believe that Gabe is indeed just a terribly old, terribly grumpy man.

  26. So Gabe, have you read Moneyball yet?

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  28. Brad Pitt is a pretty cool guy he prarnks the Suprbad and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  29. You guys fail to see the greater picture.

    Take a look at our movie cool guys.

    In the early 90′s twas Stalone and Swartzeneger, everyone wanted to be like them. Seriously every kid wanted to be like him.

    And then they started toning protagonists down untill the nerds took over. At that era they had to make a movie where the Nerds struggled for acceptance. Yet today they make movies where the cool guys have to actually reclaim their place and easilly fail as seen in Scott Pilgrim. The final boss is actually the Nerdiest of them if you think about it..

    Today it is cool to be a Nerd.

    Seriously…can you believe that assholes like MacLovin, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Shia Lebarf, Clark Duke, and especially that prick Michael Cera not only have a job today but they are seriously all over the fucking place. They are the latest wave that took over hollywood. It just keeps getting nerdier and nerdier.

    Ryan Reinolds have to play in shitty sentimental movies with Sandra Bullock and comic book movies, Human Torch only plays the super hero when he is funny and the Superman dude is a fucking demigod living amongst us. King Leonidas has to play in shitty sentimental movies and …a comic book movie.

    And its not just nerdy girls style, meaning all you got is to take their glasses off their eyes and behold…hot chick. This guys are fucking disgusting. They look like they smell of cheetos and cat piss. Look at this fucking asshole. Seriously fucking look at him.

    This guy has a carreer in Hollywood.

    Yeah, that girl is totally in his league.

    Yes, some may argue that movies are fairytails that simple present what people want. Poor asthmatic dudes with jewfros will want to see movies where people like them get the alpha chick.
    It is not just movies, they reflect and effect societies. I remember being pissed because Nick Carter was considered a cool guy. NOW ITS FUCKING CERA!

    Seriously, are there any 20somethings in Hollywood who are able to do at least one lift up? Or dont look like the spent the past few years masturbating to a level 13 wood elf or whatever?

    I want my hero to be a barbarian. To be able to punch holes in walls and NOT be vomit inducing. At least back in the day they used a montage scene where the protagonist trained. Now all he has to do is play WOW and he is a fucking alpha male.

    Brad Pitt is an old school cool guy.
    It is not an act of pranking rather an act of a well desrved bullying for being fat and having stupid hair and man tits.

    What I mean to say is…

  30. The practical joke imploded when Jonah Hill, a 27 year old ironic hipster, responded with “Holy Shit, this is the coolest fucking golf cart ever!”

  31. If I have to hear one more celebrity tell an interviewer about some hilarious time they had while on set and then say that working their “craft” (crap) is the best job in the world, I may go orangutan shit. Rub it in my goddamn face, why don’t you?! Not only do I laugh and joke all day long, but I get paid $555000 gagillion. But your office job is totally cool too. I mean, Farmville isn’t going to play itself.

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