You’ve had a lot of boyfriends and they’ve all been silly. But the naked man who led Tokyo police on a 2-hour chase as he swam naked around the Imperial Palace moat and climbed up walls naked and threw rocks naked is the most Your Boyfriend Your Boyfriend of all:

The man is “Thought to be a Spaniard.” Only an international news agency would say that. Here in America, that line just makes us all think of The Princess Bride.

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  1. hank  |   Posted on Oct 7th, 2008 -1

    he’s my boyfriend!!??? Ha ha ha ha! Hilllarriousss!!!!

  2. No good!

  3. Killer Man Jaro  |   Posted on Oct 7th, 2008 0

    Yum…my boyfriend is HAWT.

  4. Lindsay you are so right on with the Princess Bride plug.

  5. I tried to use the “That’s your boyfriend” line on my husband. He totally didn’t get it. I blame you for bringing back a phrase I haven’t used since 1997.

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