WarmingGlow claims that this is the crappiest Lost tattoo ever, which a) presupposes that he has seen ALL of the Lost tattoos in the world, which I doubt, he is just one man blog, and b) completely overlooks the fact that this is actually the BEST Lost tattoo ever. Duh.

“Now, you’re sure this is permanent, right? Is there any way to make it double permanent?” – The Guy Who Got This Tattoo When He Was Getting It

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  1. When they’re 85 and senile, they’ll think they lost their “rulz” and wander off to find it.

    • When they’re 85 and senile, this tattoo with prove to be very helpful and appropriate when they’re found wandering the streets.

  2. There’s a flash-sideways version on his other bicep, with the plane flying safely over the island. It also sucks.

  3. That does summarize it pretty neatly, though his arm should be sucked into a parallel universe at random commercial break intervals, and at the end we will find out the arm was just dead the whole time and that Cheetos are, in fact, not the cheesiest.

  4. should get an adjacent tattoo of the plus sign and the words “benjamin button the movie also sucks as well” and then the equal sign followed by “PSYCHE!”

  5. That dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I lost a tattoo once that was WAY worse than this one!

  6. Move over “Memento” time to watch some crappy television programming followed up with comments to leave up on someone else’s web zone

  7. Good job with that drawing Birdie, you get a treat, you get a treat, and you get a treat

  8. You do NOT want to see where he has the smoke monster tattoed.

  9. It’s not WHERE the tattoo is, it’s WHEN.

  10. Phh… Everyone knows the plane crashed on the other side of the island.

  11. sawyer would have called those guys stickles cuz of his way with nicknames

  12. Is it weird that I really like this tattoo?

  13. Discussion topics:

    1. What body part is this adorning?

    2. Was it done in ball-point pen? In prison?

    3. Was the artist a child?

    4. Is the tattooed person a child?

    • I imagine the thing went like this:

      Setting: Nighttime, in the back of a pickup. Two men are sitting, intoxicated.

      Man 1: “Hey dude, I have been working on my tattoo skills during my lunch breaks. Want one?”
      Man 2: “Sure, what can you do?”
      Man 1: “……. uhm, I can do, like, Lost…?”
      Man 2: “Fuck yeah, make that happen. Oh, and try to work in a couple of typos. Plus, give Jack a giant foam finger, that’ll be sweet. And hurry it up, my shift at Denny’s starts in fifteen.”

      …..and scene.

  14. Island? Check.
    Tropical island? Palm tree. Check.
    Crashed plane split in two? Check.
    People on the island? Check.
    ‘LOST RULZ!’ in big letters? Check.
    Hmm… something’s missing. It’s not quite LOST-y enough.
    Have the one guy shooting the other guy with the bullet in mid-flight!
    Yeah. That’s the stuff.

  15. Nickelback lyrics?

  16. I feel like this is actually a deconstruction/meditation on the creative constraints placed on the writers by the network after Season 3, or is that just me? Hmm…

  17. I notice that Gabe hasn’t posted a picture of this guy’s face, and he does seem a bit defensive, so let’s all ease off until we get some answers.

  18. I wonder if this person has an even crappier “The Event” tattoo.

  19. Silly WarmingGlow. THIS is obviously the crappiest Lost tattoo ever:

    “What does it MEEEAAN?” -everyone ever for three seasons

    “Oh. Jack forced some prostitute in Thailand to put foreign characters on his arm for no good reason. Foreign mystical powers something something. Did I mention Jack has daddy issues?”



  20. It was sad when he got this tattoo and later that day several natives beat him up for no reason.

  21. Would it be cooler if he had this on a body part that made the island disappear when flexed/shrunk? Oh, no, wait, I don’t want to know where it would be….

  22. This reminds me of one of my favorite posts (and comment threads) of all time:


  23. Not quite BNPG, but can we do #bad90sstandup?

    “My internet’s down and I’m getting worried. I have a girlfriend, so I’m fine not masturbating, but I feel bad for the strangers on the bus my right hand keeps cheating with.” (Applause)

  24. Not that big a fan obviously, otherwise he’d have had the tail tattooed on the other side of his arm.

  25. I don’t get this guy. He knows tattoos are permanent, so why would he have Charlie shooting Locke on the island? Hate to live with that mistake.

  26. I miss LOST.


  28. Lest he forget his hipster irony.

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