HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Oh man. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. The call is coming from INSIDE THE BABY! Really wish I had been at the pitch meeting for this. “It’s like Joel Schumacher’s Phone Booth meets The Exoricist meets Knocked Up.” (Translated from the original Swedish.) Oh, speaking of translated from the original Swedish, I took the liberty of plugging the trailer’s dialog into Alto Visto’s Gabelfish, and here’s what they’re actually saying*:

Lady: Hey, I think this baby monitor is haunted?
Best Buy: Oh no! That is scary AND hilarious!

And then later:

Lady: I lost the receipt.
Best Buy: Sorry, there is nothing I can do. Our corporate policy requires that you provide a receipt for all returns and exchanges of spooky haunted baby monitors. Next customer please.

Hello, Swedish Fandango? Två adults, varsågod. (Via Movieline.)

*May or may not be what they are saying.
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  1. The twist is that they’re out of Medal of Honor but he can totally call another store to see if they have some.

  2. When I see plots like this, I wonder if the writer’s strike actually ever ended. Then I get like this:

  3. First I was all

    But then I was all

  4. Errr…this is Norwegian. It’s like Sweden, but with more fjords and less fish.

  5. From the basically nothing in this trailer, who knows what the actual quality of this movie will be? Or what is even happening here, really? The typography is at least very tasteful, so, you know. Maybe it will be good? I can’t shit on something this premature (GET IT), although BABYCALL is definitely kind of a funny title.

    • “Rapace plays a woman essentially living in hiding with her young baby after getting out of an abusive relationship. Left scarred and timid by the relationship and basically praying not to be noticed by anyone for any reason her life is turned upside down when her baby monitor picks up signals from other apartments in her building, one signal in particular waking her with what seems to be the sound of someone being killed.”

      That sounds fine enough for a concept. Give it a chance? It could be a total disaster, of course, but so could anything. Babycall is our generation’s Seabiscuit. Seapablum. Whatever.

    • It’s clear from the trailer that’s what they call the baby monitors. Your cultural homogeneity makes me roll my eyes indignantly. *rolllinnnnnnz*

    • Here’s a few guesses that would make decent movies with the right script:

      Couple has a miscarriage in the final month or so of pregnancy, so they’ve already got the nursery all set up (including… BABY MONITOR!). Woman thinks that dead baby is communicating with her through the baby monitor. Becomes obsessed with it to the point of insanity.


      That exact plot with baby kidnapped or stolen from the hospital.


      Demon baby communicating with host species/mother via baby monitor.

  6. The same thing happened to me when I tried to return my haunted baby monitor. MLIB!

    • Something similar happened to me, except the baby monitor I was returning wasn’t haunted, it was the receipt. Also, the Best Buy I was going to was built on an Indian Burial Ground.

  7. Aren’t you supposed to hear things coming through the baby moniter? Isn’t that the point?

  8. Abortion joke.

  9. Norway is the poor man’s Denmark

  10. Great, I guess I’ll have to wait 3 years before I can get Babycall on Verizon.

  11. Boo! The “baby monitor picks up outside conversations” premise has been done to death on 90s sitcoms. Now, if it was horror movie about having two dates on the same night and one turns out to be a serial killer, that would be horror movie gold

  12. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A BABY MONITOR AND NO BABY? Shouldn’t the trailer feature at least one cut to the baby to show us she has one? I’M WORRIED ABOUT THE BABY, YOU GUYS!

  13. y’all are really killing it this morning! i’m excited for vgum today.

  14. It’s certainly working out for the best buy guy, first he’s in best buy, then he’s in her kitchen.
    Ooh, this baby monitor is so scary only a nerdy clerk can help me! YIKES!!

  15. As an American who lives in Sweden, Gabes translation is pretty fair.

    Naoomi: I heard something I did not understand.
    Salesperson: I believe that something was a baby call

    Also SF is the semi-state run film production company in Sweden. They also produced Göta Kanal 3.

  16. So…..

    The Girl With The Baby Tattoo

    The Girl Who Played With Babies

    The Girl Who Kicked Her Baby

    (That is all)

  17. Guys, you guys! She’s pretty.

  18. Every Swedish movie or Swedish movie trailer I’ve seen has had Noomi Rapace; therefore, Noomi Rapace is in every Swedish movie ever made.

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