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  1. This was so sad, and there’s just no joke to be made here. So I’ll do what The Daily Show did last night and post a “classic” R2 Videogum comment from the Fainting Goat Kittens post.

  2. “…at the slightest sound, the kittens respond by collapsing and falling into a rigid paralysis which lasts about a minute before they return to normal.”

    Maybe they should be taken to a home where there isn’t constant piano music?

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    • Maybe I’ll read your comments again when enough people tell me you’ve stopped being a nasty troll jerkface!!! >:(

    • It wasn’t about how we should get along with Republicans. It was about toning down the rhetoric on each side (read: Republicans) and getting people to chill the fuck out.

      As far as the balls part, I point you to the now infamous Crossfire clip. Going on another person’s show and telling them not only that it sucks, and moreover it’s hurting the country. BRASS balls.

      • If you want to get angry at him for anything, it’s taking every other week of the year off. Blarg.

        • ABSOLUTELY. when I DID used to love that show, that drove me crazy. and it ALWAYS seemed like every time they took a week or two off something crazy happened that you wanted to hear his take on. that dude has bad vacation karma

    • I don’t think we went to the same rally, because I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was about.

    • yikes. well. ok, calling Jon a douchebag was pretty strong.

      well, I probably shouldn’t debate what the point of that rally was with everyone, seeing as it’s old news and there is this new sad thing on everyone’s mind.

      If my version above of what the rally was about seems wrong, illogical, or like I wasn’t listening to him, and that makes you mad, sure I get it. sorry. I know my version wasn’t Jon Stewart’s version, and I distorted/simplified it – that kind of thing makes me mad when other people do it too.

      everybody I know went, almost nobody heard anything, and we spent halloween night getting a description from the one person that could hear it, and she said it was like a bad episode of sesame street where they introduced the concept of muslims to Stephen Colbert.

      oops, now I’m debating this.

      my point was simply that since the election I’m burnt the fuck out on politics, and since the rally I’m burnt the fuck out on the daily show and I haven’t watched it. whatever, that’s my problem.

      sorry to come out swinging in a thread about something else, and about something sad

      • e-hug. it’s okay.

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        • hmmm.

          what you’re saying is backpedaling was me admitting that my version of the rally was MY version of the rally. I really do understand that the rally was a big thing about a LOT of things. someone else’s version of what the rally was, if said glibly and at a bad time, would probably make me mad. apologizing and being diplomatic about it were pretty necessary.

          but also, I didn’t actually take my main point back – I didn’t like the rally. I watched the daily show every day for 8 years of Bush. For 2.5 months I’ve given it up entirely. sad, but whatever. my problem. if anyone agrees and upvoted and it got swallowed up in all that, good. we agree.

        • hey, if you ever look back at this – thanks though man. I didn’t mean to shoot you down. I just also didn’t mean to piss everyone off.

    • Oh, backwaxer! I’m proud that you’re making strides and calming down and becoming a valuable member of the e-Gum community but I wish you would take a couple of deep breaths before you post something super angry. #tips

      • sorry. I guess that was pent up anger at Jon cause I used to love him so much.

        • What exactly is your beef with him, again?

          • hmmm.

            I appreciate the question, and I don’t want to ignore you – but do you really want to debate, via comment posts, a thing which is both this complicated AND this outdated. I mean, there’s just a lot to talk about in the world, and I think a zillion things were said about the rally, and you know that once this starts it goes on forever.

          • I’m saying – I know I started this, and tried to make a point.

            but I really don’t have an important point about this one.

          • Okay, whatevz, just curious. I’m actually not that willing to expend ewnergy [typo but it stays] debating the relative merits of 2011 Jon vs. aughts Jon.

          • cool, good. I figured that, and that you wouldn’t be too disappointed not to spend our day on this one.

            again, it’s appreciated though

  4. jon stewart is a mensch.

    A MENSCH!!!

    • In continuing with the Yiddish, I would like to add that it takes a whole lot of chutzpah to do a political comedy show in the wake of tragedy.

      While I’m biased (I’m a big Daily Show/Jon Stewart fan), I think he spoke with grace.

  5. this calls for kittens in mugs

  6. Jon’s shortcomings notwithstanding, he has this ability to be entirely relatable. And when that writing staff comes together, it gets kind of poignant. I’ve never been more touched by a person speaking than his speech coming back after 9/11 (which, I know, is kind of a gimme but, just the same).

    • Agreed. It was that little speech he made on their first show back after September 11th, 2001 that made me fall forever in love with The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. And even though someone younger and funnier has come along to steal my heart away (I’m lookin at you Colbert) I’ll still never forget how genuine and sincere and earnest he was when he delivered that speech, and how NOBODY else anywhere in media was speaking to their audience in such a way at that time. I’ve rarely been so moved by a television show, let alone a comedy program.

  7. Oh, I get it. Because he’s 5’6″. J/k LOL…we can still laugh at him being short, right?

    • Ugh, that’s supposed to be a reply to DirtySpace’s “shortcomings” reference…I’ll see myself out.

    • I remember when the Arcade Fire played on the Daily Show, to which I exclaimed, “OMG JUST HOW TALL IS WIN BUTLER?” ‘Cause standing next to Jon Stewart, it looks like Win could have picked him up and changed his diaper.

  8. Wait, I’m confused. Where’s Craig Kilborn?

  9. On a related note, just wanted to make sure everyone saw plaidboy’s great comment in the Fred Phelps post. S/he is in Arizona and had some really poignant things to say about being “in the fray.” The comment is towards the bottom of the page:

  10. It was a little hard to get to get what Stewart was saying here. HIs thoughts seemed sort of, unorganized, I guess? Which is definitely out of character for him. But the general thrust of what he said (we should all tone down our politic rhetoric, even though we obviously can’t blame any of our opponents for this tragedy, despite the fact that some of their messages can be in very poor taste) is definitely one I can get behind.

    I love me some Jon Stewart, but I’m not normally a big fan when he gets all serious and preachy. His “Crossfire” appearance bugged the hell out of me. Yes, I guess I’m one of those, “I hate how he’s ‘just a comedian’ when it suits him, and a serious pundit when he wants to be,” people. But when it’s not about politics, and instead is about real human emotion, very few people can bring it as sincerely and genuinely as JS can.

    • I felt like this helped me piece out how I felt about it too. It was a disorganized speech, but I think that’s because it was mostly off-the-cuff and he was thinking aloud, trying to process it. Isn’t that what we all were doing?

  11. I like the pajamas.

  12. I think Jon’s comments were somewhere in the same ballpark as the father of the 9-year-old who was killed:

    “This shouldn’t happen in this country, or anywhere else, but in a free society, we’re going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative.”
    John Green, father of 9-year-old Tucson shooting victim Christina Taylor Green, on this morning’s Today Show.

    I’m grateful for both (even if Jon’s comments were at the concession stand buying beer and hot dogs). I was touched.

    • Wow, that’s amazing that her father was able to compose himself enough to have that kind of perspective on what had happened. I think I’d still be in the “snarling like a rabid dog” phase of grief in his situation. Well said, though.

  13. Not his most eloquent speech, but since I think he was winging most of it, I liked it.

    Also, the Dennis Leary interview was hilarious.

    • seriously, what kind of games is Dennis Leary trying to play by putting out a book of his TWEETS? WE ALL HAVE THE INTERNET IN THIS DAY AND AGE. this is the same reason i do not understand the popularity of Tosh.0. like, we don’t need a middleman here. we have plenty of resources to find funny youtube videos on our own! and yet that is Comedy Central’s highest rated show, and Dennis Leary’s self-admittedly dumb book made it to number 7 on the NYT Bestseller’s list? shit is fucked. it probably has to do with the repeal of DADT or something.

  14. Sorry, but writing from a country where guns aren’t sold to almost anybody, I don’t agree with the fact that no one is to blame for that. Sure, madness and crazyness happen sometimes and there isn’t much to do about it… But at least don’t give it a gun…

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