I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one of those people who just leaps out of bed ready to start the brand new day. Would that I were! That seems like a really nice way to live. A little corny, maybe, but corny is nice. Corny is hopeful. Corny is honest. Corny is not sleep, though, and sleep is the dream. Even when I’ve got something going on that I’m genuinely very excited about and can’t wait to get back to work on, it’s still kind of a toss-up between doing that and hitting the snooze button for the ninth time and snoozing forever. They say you should follow your dreams and that is just what I would like to do most of the time, follow them straight to hell. Then there are mornings where you wake up and the first thing you see is someone in full Dark Knight Joker make-up doing Lord of the Rings character impersonations via Elmo ventriloquism and you wonder if perhaps you have succeeded. WHERE ARE WE? ARE WE STILL DREAMING? ARE WE DEAD? AT THE VERY LEAST CAN WE SLEEP/DIE FOR JUST A FEW MORE MINUTES AND/OR ETERNITY? I’M NOT SURE IF I CAN FACE ALL OF THIS. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I would happily watch every permutation of this, to wit;
    Elmo in Joker makeup doing Smeagol
    Smeagol in Elmo makeup doing Joker
    Smeagol in Joker makeup doing Elmo

  2. Where does he get those wonderful, precious, tickle me Elmo toys?

  3. I’m sure there’s a fan following for this guy at the local Denny’s.

  4. I can see his lips move.

  5. I think this is the only iteration of Elmo that I didn’t immediately want to drown in a tub of bleach, so kudos to the joker.

  6. If that dude were homeless this would be a really weird week. he’d get a house, and a show. reporters would be scouring the streets of ohio looking for other homeless dudes who do AMAZING lotr monologues on command. forcing homeless women to finish gandalf’s speech to that monster – YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!

  7. If the camera pulled out further, you’d see that the Joker was a puppet controlled by a guy dressed as Lurch from the Addams Family, itself a puppet controlled by Falcor from the Neverending Story, itself a puppet controlled by God.

    Conclusion: God can do an awesome Smeagol impression.

    • You’re confused, FLW, you meant to say that Falcor is being controlled by David Lynch. No worries, it’s a common mistake. Check twitter to verify.

  8. He’s like Girl Talk!

  9. This makes me wish Jeff Dunham was here. Which I never would have thought I would prefer Jeff Dunham to anything.

  10. Looks like a totally normal night in the Huntington, West Virginia, Steak and Shake.

  11. Why so… humorous?

  12. i don’t know why,
    but this reminds me of pi.
    or, maybe one of those decimals with a line over the last digit.

  13. I thought he was pretty awesome, and couldn’t help wondering if he’s hot underneath all that make-up?

    It also might be the make-up itself, considering I had quite a crush on the Joker (from TDK).

  14. Great scene. Really made me feel like the Joker doing Elmo doing Smeagol.

  15. The irony? He can’t do a Joker impression.

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