Fred Phelps: the most fuck-you-able man in America. Fuck him!

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  1. “Fuck him!”

    …he certainly could use it. You’d be doing him a favor, really.

  2. i refer you back to my opinion about your beef (pun certainly intended) with Guy FIieri.

    This guy….Kesha, bloody mary fans – all way worse than Guy Fieri.

  3. This video made me really sad.

  4. I’m not sure I follow the thrust of his argument.

    I have to give him credit for “mouthy witch sarah palin” though..

  5. I think it might be puppy time:

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  7. An Open Letter to Fred Phelps, Which Will Likely Never Be Read:

    Have you tried not being terrible?

    - Everyone, ever.

  8. Oh, it’s that guy. I saw the episode Louis Theroux made of the Westboro Baptist Church and everything they sad made me so mad. They picket the funerals of soldiers and say that God kills faggots, amongst other hateful shit. They even make the little children picket.

    So yeah, fuck that guy.

  9. I wonder what his dance moves are like

  10. Duh Aficionado Magazine: the WBC are Assholes
    (this article has to be reprinted every few months. did you see their response to Elizabeth Edwards’ death? assholes! also, if you go to their website, they have a little counter of how many people have been cast into the flames of hell since you refreshed the page. handy!)

  11. I clicked on the link to watch the video, saw the screen shoot which reads “God Sent the Shooter,” and decided to run back to Videogum. I would rather watch Country Strong than that video.

  12. Nope, not gonna watch it. If I don’t watch it, I don’t have to admit that it exists.

  13. Although the Phelps family is undeniably terrible, I often consider the positive effect they have and usually conclude that it’s better to have them around. For example, upon seeing this unique brand of Phelps bullshit, anyone who may have ever been on the fence about gay rights will be strongly compelled to take the other side because the Phelps are cruel and maniacal to an insane degree and no one feels comfortable associating or agreeing with them. I feel terrible for the people that are personally targeted by the nasty antics of this family, but the Phelps create more supporters for the things they hate than almost anyone else can effectively do.

  14. i’m usually a lurker here; rarely do I post. but i’ve been here everyday for the past two years and you monsters feel like a family to me. so i don’t know really where else to say this, or even how to say it. i apologize if my thoughts are jumbled.

    i’m a Tucsonan. everything is very sad and very weird here right now. our world completely changed on saturday. things like this shouldn’t happen. it’s hard for me to deal with or understand the magnitude of it, being so close to the center. many of my friends were friends of people that were shot and killed. it’s such a small town. we’ve all met and love gabby. she’s just the best and I so badly want her to be ok. all of it is just so personal, and i really don’t know how to handle it. and then, of course, here come Fred Phelps to rub salt in all our wounds.

    I wanted to let you know the good news to counter all of this. we’ve already organized a human barricade to support the families of those who were killed, with 3,500 and counting that will be at the funerals to insure Fred Phelps and the rest of these horrible, horrible people will not be seen or heard.

    on saturday, a swelling of sane and rational and loving voices began here, and it gives me hope for this state that has be the source of so much bad news lately. and it gives me hope that the awful, hate-filled political rhetoric we’ve seen growing across the country over the past few years will finally start to subside. i hope this event can change things for the better.

    i love you guys and thanks for letting me get all seriousgum. now please, let’s get back to the puppy gifs.

    • Just wanted to say, awesome comment.

    • Thanks plaidboy, for writing this, for standing up in the barricade and giving us hope. Things will get better I am sure, if there are many people you around. Here goes my ”the world can’t be so bad if this exists” gif :

    • And I’m coming out of my usual lurkerness to say this has completely brightened up my day, and this needs many more upvotes than it currently does.

    • This is such a great comment. Keep fighting the good fight out there and we’ll keep posting the good gifs in here. And with that, here’s a little something to “lift” your spirits:

    • Ditto all the Monster love above, plaidboy. We are glad to have you in our family and bless you for fighting the good fight for all humankind.

    • this is a great comment. thank you, plaidboy.

    • also, kittens!

    • Hell yeah, plaidboy.

      I have a helping of friends in Tucson. I visited for the first time back in April of 2010, and I got to travel all around Tucson (The Fox, Hotel Congress, I think every comic book store, Davis Monthan AFB, etc), and I recognized how closely knit a community it was. It reminded me of Colorado Springs (where I basically grew up), which is also pretty tight knit. Columbine happened 70 miles away from where I was during my senior year of high school, and everyone in CO was freaking out(I’m sure that wasn’t exclusive to CO), and nobody went to school and all sorts of shit, and everyone was rocked to their core.

      When I heard the news I immediately contacted my Tucson friends. My friend who is a high school teacher had attended Gabrielle’s meet ups in the past and she was pretty shaken but was doing ok all things considered. My comic book friends were off in Phoenix at the comic con and were kind of out of the loop, but appreciated the call nonetheless. My teacher friend is friends with someone who was friends with one of the victims, and she is one of the most compassionate, good-hearted people I have ever met, and she was deeply concerned with everyone’s well-being.

      I’m sure there are plenty more like her in Tucson, and you sound like you’re one of them, so good on you, sir. We’re all thinking about you guys and hope you’re doing ok, all things considered.

    • thank you, you guys. it’s so good when we’re reminded that we can surrounded ourselves with wonderful people both physically and virtually. is this what an internet hug feels like? cuz it feels awesome.

  15. I feel like he is just so starved for attention. Yes Fred, we all see you. Now go die in a terrible fire.

  16. I’m not even going to follow that link. It will just make me angry, and there’s enough anger amongst all of us right now.

  17. Armond White : Movie Critics : : WBC : Christianity

  18. One day the WBC congregation goes to the Charismatic Leader Store and asks if they can get a Charismatic Leader. The person working there says, “Sorry, we’re fresh out.” The WBC congregation asks, “Well don’t you have anything?” The person working says, “All we have is some stale white bread.” The WBC congregation says, “We’re all insane, but we can’t see that, and the more other people try to make us see that so that we may become better, more loving people, the more we withdraw from reality and disregard the fact that our every action as a church has become a desperate cry to the outside world for attention and help, although we refuse any offer of rational discourse or meaningful human contact. We really have no idea how to stop our own spiral of hate or where it started from or why, but we’re just going to keep going with our whole ‘every human death is a hate crime committed by God’ thing.” The person at the store asks, “Paper or plastic?”

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