Someone should let this dude know that Danny Ocean is putting together a team. One last job and then everyone retires. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Poor guy! He’s just trying to make it to his show in Dallas!

  2. First name Steve, last name…oh, I think you know.

      • I don’t know if any of you watched Kyle XY. I doubt it. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only ten people who watched it, hence the being cancelled. Anyway, this picture reminds me of the series finale. Kyle XY gets in a fight with the season’s main villain. Kyle XY is about to kill him when he says “Wait! I’m your brother.” Then the show ends FOREVER. lolwut?

        • I watched that show! Not to the end though. The actor who played Kyle XY was absolutely masterful at giving the perfect slightly confused, yet blissfully happy smile whenever he encountered some new aspect of life he had never experienced before, like peeing his pants! That show was the best!

  3. The beer is for after, OBVIOUSLY, DUH.

  4. Steve come on down, you’re the next contestant on Crime Ain’t Right

  5. You sure he was drunk? Don’t you think he looked a bit… high?

    “Oh my god, really?!” – everyone, re: my post

  6. Steve, it’s your turn to go grab the lunch beers. You have a choice of fork lift, sky jack, jackhammer (ridden pogo-style) or car. It’s really up to you how you choose to go get it.

  7. You just know for the 10 minutes it took the fire department to show up before the cop could reach him, that guy felt like King Shit of Fuck Mountain.

    • I’m the only preacher with the fucking balls, and you know this, to say, “Satan I damn thee, you shit-eating, cock-sucking, mother-fucking son of a B!” Can I get a fuckin’ A?

  8. Do you guys think his mother would be really embarrassed to see this, or really proud?

  9. “Nothing can go wrong with this plan. I am, in every conceivable sense including literally, Above The Law!” — Steve.

  10. When will people learn? Dogs are the only thing that makes drunk driving safe!

  11. Now Entering LOL City – Population: infinity

  12. “What’s your name?”
    Fell out of the chair.

  13. I don’t usually LOL, but I when I do LOL, it’s for this video.

  14. Good video? Or GREATEST video?!

  15. Lonnie’s gonna be in trouble when the cops figure out he lied about his name.

  16. I notice Mr Police Officer made sure to specifically state that he can’t drive a skyjack whilst drunk…does this then imply that drunk driving other vehicles is ok wherever this is?

  17. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  18. Fake. You guys are a bunch of rubes.

  19. I think it turned out alright for Stave. He was found innocent by a jury of his peers:

  20. “Don’t fuck up my beer, now” is the new “Don’t tase me, bro.”

  21. So i had a friend that spent 6 months in Germany with exchange students from all over the world. She told me that the most common thing people thought about Americans is that any time we get arrested we just start shouting “i know my rights!”

    Stereotype Confirmed.

  22. “Maybe I’m comin’ back down…maybe I’m not!”

    Haha. Joe Dirt, is that you?

  23. This looks like a deleted scene out of Run Ronnie Run.

  24. Just another hard working man targeted for Driving While Awesome.

  25. I thought this was New Jersey Drive, initially…

  26. Apparently the police really need a staircar.

  27. Gabe, I think you meant Billy Ocean.

    • Why do you think he meant that? Part of me wants to think you’re making a joke I’m just not getting. The other part of me thinks you don’t know about the Ocean’s 11 movies.

  28. Get out of my dreams, get onto my skyjack

  29. Skyjack beats cop, but fireman beats skyjack. I guess that means cop beats fireman, but like the beers, that’s for after.

  30. Is this my boyfriend?

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