This is as close as Ke$ha will ever come to not being the worst.

New shirt. New song. New banana. Same Timmy. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. The banana: the only fruit that is tasty and makes an excellent microphone, while at the same time proves the existence of God.

    Your move, apples.

  2. I was listening to an old podcast the other day from early 2008 and it dawned on me. That was befor Kesha was a thing. Those were the days.

  3. Anyone else put off by a kid singing what amounts to a love song to alcohol?

  4. Same Timmy? I think not. Fresher banana. Fresher threads. New kitchen. Fame has clearly affected Timmy’s lifestyle.

  5. I thought Timmy was singing Ke$ha TO Usher in 2011, and now I’m disappointed.

  6. Timmy achieves the same result with a banana that Ke$ha does with Autotune.

    I think this means Ke$ha was just upgraded from “probably” the worst to “definitely” the worst.

  7. I’m sorry but a banana doesn’t even work that well as a mic. It’s too curved. You’ve better off with a tv remote. I’m just saying, if you wanna further your career Timmy, use a more realistic microphone.

  8. The banana makes a comeback! Apparently by popular demand!

    Also, we completely missed Timmy’s California Gurls, you guys.

    Clearly we lost the thread somewhere in the Timmy-related coverage, but I’m glad to see we’re back on target. New videos every month! You don’t want to miss anything- they just grow up so fast! Before you know it, Timmy will realize what he’s doing and scrub all evidence any of this magical time ever existed.

  9. Timmy is so much better than Keenan b/c he keeps it real, y’all!

  10. I sincerely hope Timmy never reaches an age of self-consciousness and instead blooms straight into the proud gay man he was meant to be. Glitter and all.

  11. I really wanted him to peel the banana when he sings “we’re tearin’ it apart”. EMPHASIS, TIMMY.

  12. And all the Monsters held their breath, waiting for the first person to make a “bananas-look-like-penises” joke.

  13. Say what you will about Timmy but honestly he has pretty decent pitch and I luv him

  14. What? I can’t hear you; you’re singing into a banana!

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