This is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. (Inspired by BuzzFeed.)

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  1. It’s mating season for electric wheelchairs.

  2. He would be riding a Rascal to this song. I wonder if he has a Flatt tire.

    I’m gonna go jump off a bridge now because of that pun. Life was a highway, guys.

  3. Um, who’s psychic?! Who was playing this song in chat not two nights ago?? wheelchair dude and i are soulmates.

  4. Cue the “Gabe Bush Doesn’t Care About Old People”

  5. Not shown

  6. They see me rollin’, they hatin’…..whoops, thought it was 2007 for a second.

  7. I was so scared he was going to start rolling backwards!

  8. Life really is a Highway, Tom Cochrane and awesome old wheelchair bro. You just gotta be safe out there.

  9. How are you ever gonna top that?

  10. These three know what’s up

  11. The only way this could have been better is if you’d looped it to last for over an hour. I’m currently imagining the funny to tired to funny to hilarious cycle.

  12. if i knew how to do things, i’d make my own edit with this jam:

  13. He’s on his way to meet up with Bernice and Joy to look over the pictures they took at the Grand Canyon.

  14. I have been on a videogum hiatus and this quite possibly may have brought me back forever.

  15. What is that beast? The Hoveround Gallardo? What’s on that thing, a 4-mile battery range? Look at it go.

  16. Where do you get your ideas?

  17. Shit just got real:

  18. He’s taking the ambulance lane because he’s on his way to save poor souls who aren’t LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!

  19. The Long Way Round

  20. I knew what this was going to be before I clicked it. I knew exactly the point in the song where you would cut it off. I knew what I was supposed to find funny, before I even watched it. But I laughed anyway, Internet. I laughed so hard.

  21. You crazy for this one, Gabe!

  22. Man, I hate these HOLLYWEIRD updated remakes.

    The original was so much better….

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