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  1. It’s a mistake so it’s no one’s fault.

  2. I accidentally fucked my wife’s sister once. That was embarrassing!

  3. I think no house not in Pittsburgh is better than a house in Pittsburgh

  4. Maybe he would have taken it better if the demo company had punctuated its admission with a “JK.”

  5. He better start working on his radio voice.

  6. Whoopsies!!!

    Well, he’s going to have to remain homeless now with a voice like that.

  7. At 2:00 PM on January 6, 2011, The Hunt For The Worst Mistake Of All Time came to an end.

  8. This is totes depressing. That’s all I have to say.

    Nothing witty here! Move it along, folks!

  9. Yeah, I owned a house too, but then someone demolished it… That’s right, it used to be right there… Can you build me a new one now? Please?

  10. I bet if he had a golden radio voice his house would have be completely remodeled when he got back from vacation.

  11. I absolutely love his reaction to losing a house that presumably cost a hell of a lot of money and time.

    Most people would be on TV frothing at the mouth, “I THINK IT’S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS THAT etc. etc.” But not this guy. This guy is just all “……mannnnnn. lame!”

  12. I guess they used a demolition lols, huh?

  13. i love that it’s so widely accepted that people do not actually read things, but only skim them:

    but seriously? how can you fuck that up? “oh sorry man, we didn’t read the bold, underlined, all caps part about not tearing down your house.”

  14. Arthur Dent?

  15. Well, now that he’s homeless, he should start developing his radio voice and… oh, goddammit.

  16. The plans were on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of The Leopard”.


  17. Can it be Friday already? I have such a good dancing animal gif right now.

  18. This guy says “Get in line!”

  19. I’ve made a huge mistake.

  20. “It wasn’t not funny!”

    -Tami, “The Real World: Los Angeles”

  21. Oh man, starting at :37 seconds where he struggles with his words as he expresses his dismay at what exactly it is he and his family supposed to do now? So heartbreaking.

    Dawson, help me out, because I feel really bad for this guy. :(

    Really? Fuck, Dawson. That was cold.

  22. Unlike actors, contractors cannot have a Bloody Mary at 10 a.m. and keep it going all day!

  23. This guy in Ireland had his house burned down by his neighbors, and when he went on vacation a few years later he came back to find his house was gone and they’d built a septic tank and parking lot where it used to be.

    So apparently this stuff is more common than we think.

    • there’s a headline on that site that says “Elderly farmer dies in pond trying to save lamb”

      at first i thought it was weird/crazy, and then i realized it’s a new zealand news site, and the world made sense again.

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