Date: January 4, 2011
Time: 7:40 PM
Location: The Weather Channel
Source: DailyWhat
Description: Cable weatherwoman provides regional forecast for Florida and inadvertently uses convoluted TWSS to describe a metaphorical situation that is hilarious in reference to both sex AND weather. She then uses TWSS again and again, with increasing insistence. Finally, towards the end of the broadcast, she switches gears to another TWSS entirely, at which point other weathercasters seem to become aware of TWSS’s existence and bring its attention to noted weatherwoman, whose reaction suggests that she is quite used to including TWSS in her day-to-day speech. FILE UNDER: Weather TWSS, Double TWSS.

Comments (23)
  1. She doesnt like to cuddle afterwards?? No thank you.

  2. I won’t make a joke here, since she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t like it when you unload on her.

  3. Wait, isn’t this a triple TWSS? I count “this system moves on out”, “we aren’t going to see that”, and “some frozen stuff here in Tennessee”.

    At least that’s what I hear on a daily basis…

  4. DAMMM. I know it’s just her weather analysis, but now I gotta sit around and unload at least once!!!


    • I botched that pretty bad didn’t I? the original guy said TWICE, right?


      • The original quote, I believe, was “This is a good video, with a good message and all, but I gotta masturbate at least once, I MEAN DAMN!”

        “This was a fun video, with weather and double entendres and all, but I gotta masturbate at least once, I MEAN DAMN!”

        • whoa, thanks Lysdexia.

          wow, whatever problems you’ve got, good memory or organization skills or something you’ve got there as well.

  5. Let me know when the spooning front moves through Chicago.

  6. I think that Double TWSS was a sign of the apocalypse. Or it could just be weather related.

  7. Speaking of the TWSS archive, add this little gem from my discussion on Yeats’ “Second Coming” in class today:

    “Now the Second Coming we had been promised is one of rapture from this world, but this coming here is a violent one. And the only thing worse than it coming once, is it coming twice.”

    Go to bed Mr. Teacherman

  8. Michael Scott Everywhere strikes again.

  9. I hate it when they sit around too long after unloading. In and OUT!

  10. I like her. She’s got spunk.

  11. ATGSTTS….

    Anyone? Hello? Is ANYONE here today?

    Um, ok…

  12. This video is offensive to me and I request that we stop shooting off on The Weather Channel.

    -Al Roker

  13. Please stop. You’re killing him.

  14. I know the weather is going to call me back, you just wait and see!

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