Last night, awards season kicked off with the People’s Choice Awards. I honest to God have no idea what the difference is between the People’s Choice Awards and Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Is there one? I’m just assuming that Demi Lovato walked away with EVERYTHING, but maybe that’s not the case. Discuss! If there even is anything to discuss? Seriously in the dark over whether or not this thing actually exists.

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  1. Didn’t even know these existed

  2. I choose to remain completely unknowledgeable in regards to the people’s choice awards, as is my right as a person.

  3. I heard Dame Judy Dench got slimed.

  4. The Bulls Lost a Close One to the New jersey Nets. That sucked about as bad as this garb-aj did.

  5. Favorite Comedy Movie: Grownups.

    Good choices, people. High fives everyone.

  6. Isn’t the “People’s Choice” already reflected in TV ratings, downloads, and tickets sales?

    This is kind of like the Billboard Awards, where they honor the people who sold the most music by giving them a statuette. Which is definitely better than the MONEY and FAME they got for selling all the music in the first place.

  7. Just saw this tweet:

    “Peoples Choice Awards” .. Demi Lovato has won as “Tv Guest Star”, she deserves it! Go Demi! #CongratsDemi

  8. “Seriously in the dark over whether or not this thing actually exists.”
    -Christoper Nolan’s rough draft for the Inception sequel just seems lazy.

  9. This is my kind of People’s Choice AmIrite?

  10. And so the sad little People’s Choice Award did not even win the People’s Choice Award for People’s Choice of Best Awards Show.

    The End.

  11. You got it wrong Gabe: Team Selena. I was unaware who she was was until yesterday, but I stand firmly with her and against Demi Lovato.

    From my Twitter feed:

    “I think is sad tht those girls called “Beliebers” started hating on @JustinBieber cuz he is Dating Selena!! I mean I’m a Belieber and I consider myself a real BELIEBER soo guys u say u are “Beliebers” but Why you get mad of this, u supposed to be happy “U Smile, I Smile” he doesn’t even know us and we dont really know him to judge him!!! We are a family and we are 2gether because of Justin and he is always grateful he is great guy and like anyone of us he can fall in love with the girl he likes!! :)

    I then replied with: haterz gonna hate
    “@chris_trash wat u mean??”
    Oh uh… i guess: “those so called belibers are hating on justin. They are not real fans” ? I don’t know, I don’t even know why I replied in the first place.

    • “Raterz gonna rate.”
      -The People’s Choice Awards, 1997-2012

    • Hey guys, it’s me. I haven’t set up camp in the back room of a sting-house just yet, but my make-up team has started dusting off the foundation kit and the camera team’s started figuring out the best way of putting a tiny hidden camera inside a grandfather clock, if you know what I’m saying.

      • Aww thanks guys, but please don’t downvote Whoa, he was just funnin’ me, friends. Besides, he’s on OG commentator that needs to comment more.

        Whaoa, sorry if i offended you back in the day when i suggested you were a Gabe stalker, I was a lot less considerate back then. Remember when I posted that pic of he puppies eating that pig head? Ahh, classic asshole me.

        • a wise man once said (on his twitter feed to a group of 12 year-olds): “haterz gonna hate.”

          CT – never offended – you’re solid gold in my book.

      • “‘Baterz gonna ‘bate”

  12. I would much rather watch a show that awards people’s choices. For example, my brother ordered the pistachio ice cream, while I ordered vanilla. He made the better choice! Let’s give him an award!

  13. Every award Kristen Stewart has won has been a) related to Twilight, and b) I’m pretty sure involved some sort of public voting system. COINCIDENCE?

  14. I saw Girl Talk for the first time last night. Very energetic show. Lots of fun. I’m sure the People’s Choice was pretty much the same thing.

  15. Hey guys, I have a question to ask, but so as to keep it semi-pertinent, what do you think Demi Lovato would think of my new hot dog halo avatar?

  16. People’s Choice?! This could finally be my chance to gain some recognition for “Vines of Entrapment: Entrapment Vines”! (I understand that this is my joke alone, but I choose not to let it die. 2011, year of dreams.)

  17. What did the people choose for best Norwegian Death Metal album?

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