Shit is falling from the sky. It’s bubbling up from the lake. Everything is dying. People are getting REAL nervous about it. One day it is hot and the next day it is cold. It’s hard to keep up. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson lives in what one assumes is a beautiful home and in the very least is definitely not a jail cell. If the world ever made sense it certainly stopped long ago. Now it’s just spinning in circles. Did you know that in South America the maps are upside down? I mean, they’re right-side up for them, it’s not a judgement I’m making, I’m just saying if we can’t even agree on a universal mapping system of this place, we were probably doomed to be mystified and destroyed by it from the very beginning. One woman collects so much toilet paper that she needs an entire room dedicated to storing it, and she calls this room The Toilet Paper Room, and someone else, a HUMAN BEING comes into her house and interviews her about it. He seems really excited, too, about all the brands. There are a lot of them, it’s true. We’re dead meat.

People do not place enough of a value on the health benefits of “weary resignation.” (Via Vulture.)

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  1. If you have enough money to have an entire room dedicated to toilet paper and Pokemons, methinks you don’t need to clip coupons.

  2. Her friend Kesha is not allowed in that room

  3. At least she’ll be prepared when the shit hits the fan.

  4. This may be an unpopular opinion, but if I am going to have a boarderline creepy collection of something, I could do worse than T.P. For one thing, you will likely not run out during a party, amirite?

    I am more concerned by the guy who is really excited about someone else’s toilet paper stash. I mean, dude, it’s not even your toilet paper.

  5. It’s a good thing the space that toilet paper takes up has no value to anyone.

  6. AND if you separate the two ply brands you can have 80 years of toilet paper

  7. “This is so cool.” – Mr. Coupon, as chills ran up my spine

  8. Oh sure, everyone wants to interview the girl with a room full of toilet paper. Whatever, You are so dead to me.

  9. God dammit, FrugalTV used to stand for something! R.I.P. Earth 4011 B.C. – 2011

  10. Sadly, her Beanie Baby collection is not worth even half as much.

  11. My mom once told me that the only thing I need to stock up on is toilet paper. Clearly, she and this woman have a lot in common.

  12. Toilet paper room, eh?

  13. Judging by the size of those two people, this room will be empty in a few weeks.

  14. Is it bad that this video made me think “Boy, I should really start using coupons more often.”?

  15. “Also, I saved a whole bunch of money when my family got fed up with my hoarding habits and moved out! Only one mouth to feed now!”

    • -husband
      -child [court ordered]
      = 120 years worth of toilet paper!!!!

      hahahahaahah !!! FU world! I win!!!

  16. the only thing that would make this better is if she got all that toilet paper by attending a taping of an episode of Oprah. “FREEEEE TOOOILLLEETT PAAAAPPPPEERRRR!!! YOU GET A 40 YEAR SUPPLY AND YOU GET A 40 YEAR SUPPLY”

  17. Couple of brand name droppers. And by the way, that was a whole episode of their show? How do I set my TIVO to record the entire 8 minute long season?

  18. if you look just out that window, you can see her diaper shed.

  19. I knew a lady who had a room full of olive oils and coffee and other non-perishables that she would get when they went on sale and she would store them there until she needed them….she called it her “pantry”….weird right?

  20. Yucky “CUE-pon.” Team “KOO-pon.”

  21. If you really have to have a toilet paper room, why not make it fun? Toilet paper maze, toilet paper castle with toilet paper drawbridge, toilet paper forest…the possibilities boggle the mind.

  22. I definitely misread the video’s title as “Extreme Coupling.” Mrs. Coupon, anyone?

  23. Okay, you guys, I’m going to bring up the elephant in the room (not intended to be a fat joke): Quilted Northern sucks. Suck-diddly-ucks. She may have only paid $.99, but she wasted her money.

    • how does she remember how much she paid for toilet paper going back four years? Does she have another room for toilet paper financial archives?

  24. Why doesn’t she make furniture out of it? Or a doghouse? Or put it in the basement? Ugh, this kind of misguided frugality makes me want to waste things to restore balance to the universe.

  25. I think it’s great that your boyfriend and your girlfriend could stop fighting over you for two minutes and share their love of toilet paper. Very Heartwarming.

  26. At night, she cuddles and lays a different roll of toilet paper in the cradle, for which this room was made, but was forever going unused.

  27. Personally, I buy toilet paper by the roll. And the most expensive kind. You actually can’t get it in stores. It’s delivered to me by a man named Lionel who wears a suit. A very expensive suit. He is actually a duke, I heard.

  28. I find it disturbing that on one channel you can see a show about how hoarders need to be judged and helped but on another channel you can see a show about how totally awesome and wise it is to hoard. How am I supposed to grow up with strong values if my television sends such contradicting messages?

    • Yes, I can’t believe this is not a sad video about how she is a slave to her toilet paper but is instead a happy video about how great it is to have an entire room that you can’t use because it is filled with toilet paper.

      On the other hand, at least TLC is upbeat about something for once instead of making me we want to die. Learning can be fun!

  29. If I was drunk, I would totally take a dump in the Toilet Paper Room.

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