Yo dogs, get down with this bomb KMart commercial from, like, jurassic park in which Hailee Steinfeld (movies) plays a teenager just like you with hormones and probably a Family Plan Palm Pre and she says the word “blingitude” or something chilled because that’s what’s f-f-f-fresh.

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  1. The kid at the end did NOT have blingatude. If you say he does, you invalidate the whole concept and the word is meaningless!!!!! Please respect “blingatude,” K-mart!!!

  2. I do not know this blingatude.

  3. Huh. That’s a funny looking saloon.

  4. We didn’t have “blingatude” back in my day. You’d have to walk fifteen miles to the mall to obtain “radical” or a little bit of “phat”

  5. “What are your intentions?”

    “I aim to put sparkly things on your jeans in about a minute!”

    ::Jeff Bridges rides at Barry Pepper & co. with a bedazzling gun in each hand::

  6. You know, I had blingatude, but I went to a doctor and got a prescription.

  7. Those kids are not all friends. BS!

  8. This is worse than McDonald’s Hound Dog happy meal tie ins that Dakota Fanning endorsed.

  9. Uhh…tunics? Does that mean this guy has blingatude?

  10. I have an [AGE APPROPRIATE] crush on her. Freckles! Pigtails! Acting! Love.

  11. I was going to come up with a use of blingitude in True Grit language, but I could not.

  12. An actor doing a commercial before a movie? Weird.

  13. She got at least 2 California gold pieces for that spot, she has a good lawyer.

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