Internet hero Zach Anner is officially a finalist to get his own show on Oprah’s new network. One assumes his competition is Betty White and Antoine Dodson.

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  1. You know what? Good for him. He deserves it. He’s charismatic and funny (like, you know, Oprah audience funny) and he gave a great audition tape. Cheers, Zach!

  2. Uh oh he’s up against Champ Kind’s wife, whammy

  3. “What killed the dinosaurs? The ICE AGE!” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

  4. I would DVR the shit out of a Zach Anner show.

  5. If this show’s a hit, I’m sure we can look forward to Annerversary episodes every year.

  6. Speaking of Antoine Dodson, did anyone else see that both he and the Lady Gaga piano kid were part of the New Year’s Eve celebration hosted by Carson Daly? I kept waiting for Joby to run on camera and poop, but no such luck.

  7. I am in love with Zach Anner. YES! There’s so much we have in common. I can’t be cool. I can’t be laid back and it’s something that happened and I want to celebrate it.

  8. Personally I’d like to see “Katherine Chloe Cahoon’s Guide to Everything”

    (i’m trademarking that now)

  9. I’m rooting for him although there is a huge chance I will never watch his show or anything on OWN, so it’s a very empty kind of rooting.

  10. I don’t want to be a downer or anything, but I went to school with this guy and once caught him talking very loudly in the library! COURTESY, Zach Anner!

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