Technically, James Nyte’s “new” song “In Your Dreams” isn’t the first jam of 2011 because it came out in August of 2010. Oh well. What wonderful jams await us in the future only time will tell. Kind of makes you wonder about 2010, though, right? What was THAT all about? I mean, we all made mistakes last year. It’s OK! As they say, “mistakes are what happens when you’re busy making other mistakes.” (There is another popular expression that goes: “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your mistakes.”) But it is not 2010 anymore, it is 2011. There are plenty of new mistakes to be made–probably, unless this is the first year of no mistakes, FINGERS CROSSED–but before we do that, let’s try and repair some of the mistakes from the past. Some will obviously take longer than others. So, while we continue to research affordable time travel technologies in the pursuit of finally KILLING HITLER, let’s kick things off by correcting the error of having slept on James Nyte throughout most of 2010. Enough. Wake up, guys, James Nyte is here.

Welcome to 2011, James Nyte. Where you belong. (Via EpicPonyz.)

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  1. 2011: The year floating keyboards took over.

    • UGH! ABHRTIMN!!! (Always be hitting refresh, Thisismynightmare)

    • Wait, I thought it would be red diamond and yellow lights. Damn it, I got return all this lighting equipment to Spencer’s gifts?

      • I totally sent this tip to Gabe a month ago. Way to go GABE. Also, my name is Gabe so I could very well be saying ‘Way to go ME’ (But I am not, I am talking to Hard Gabe [Not to be confused with Soft Gabe]).

        Medium Viscosity Gabe

    • I found some behinds-the-scenes footage and I’m no expert in special FX but it seems this should have been easier to accomplish.

      • Sorry to be the one of bad news but I was on the set of that music video and I assure you that your assumption of how it was done is FALSE!!!! He did infact shoot the video in the front yard of his home But…….the secret behind the floating keyboard I shall NOT reveal because a true magician NEVER reveals his secrets!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had no idea Cheddar Bob was so talented, you guys.

  3. Speak up James Nyte, I couldn’t understand a word you just said

  4. James Nyte has hover-keyboard! Holy shit, you guys! This means that we are that much closer to finally getting those hoverboards that are supposed to be all the rage in the future. 2011 is going to be awesome!

  5. You seem kinda sad. Did you have a hard day, Nyte?

  6. Oh, that wasn’t SLEEPING was doing on James Nyte.

    You get it.

  7. It’s good to see that J.J. Abrams is keeping busy between projects.

  8. Holy Crap! I seriously love this song. It is really good.

  9. The piano part reminds me SO MUCH of another song but I can’t figure out what it is.

  10. This guy is trolling. I looked at his Myspace page and it says he’s from Shytzburg, Ohio.

  11. Sure, the song is touching and amazing and wrongfully left out of every year end list i saw, but i think what James Nyte needs to focus ALL his attention on is his film work because, WHOA, WHAT A VIDEO.

  12. I have to think songs about unrequited love are sort of this guy’s forte.

  13. Did you know sunflares are an artificial side effect of cameras? They don’t exist to the naked eye, only on film.


  14. Poor guy didn’t have time to put his jumper away and had to tie it around his waist. Well, who am I to judge? We should all be so lucky to find something so exciting that we tie our sweatshirts around our waists.

  15. The difference between this guy and Kid Cudi is Day and Nyte.

    Nailed it.

  16. I totally want to cover this.

  17. A truly skilled artist knows when to stop, to know the work is finished. This song is six and a half minutes long.

  18. What? I used to freebase coke with this guy. So glad he’s gotten his shit together.

  19. For my money, this is as good or better than 80% of the power ballads that were actually popular back in the 1980s. I wouldn’t be sad if I heard it at a wedding reception. In fact, I’d be pretty pumped. Keep them coming, James.

  20. What the hell happened to Axl Rose?

  21. And suddenly I have the taste of old barbecue potato chips in my mouth.

  22. His other video is even BETTER!

    This guy is like a white Eminem!

  23. “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery — wait, what the fuck is up with the scoliotic keyboardist?” -James Joyce

  24. wow, this is so ‘Can’t Smile Without You’-ish

  25. Also, is this the first Jam of 2011? Please oh please oh please…

  26. He moves kind of like an old animatronic puppet at Chuck E. Cheese. You can almost hear the piston sounds.


  28. It’s like someone genetically crossed Axl Rose with Timmy T.

  29. This is great and all Nyte, but those dishes from the lunch rush are not gonna wash themselves.

    Now back to work you crazy diamond.

  30. Green screen lawn, green screen lawn!
    Green screen lawn, green screen lawn!
    Green screen lawn, green screen lawn!
    I only wanna see your keyboard stand hidden in the green screen lawn!

  31. The man has too much talent to hide those dulcet tones under layered vocals.

  32. It’s like Styxx got raped in prison and this was the tattooed, meth-snorting lovechild.

  33. i wrote an essay about this masterwork after viewing for the first time in november

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