And we’re back. (Via GorillaMask.)

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  1. She may not be the bellydancer we need, but she’s the bellydancer we deserve.

    (you may also be wondering if bastardizing The Dark Knight will ever get old. The answer is no, don’t be ridiculous.)

  2. I predict 1 hour until this is turned into a .gif!

  3. Her struggle with the play button on the tape player was a dark omen of things to come.

  4. I don’t get it….

  5. Snooki looks good, you guys.

  6. It’s nice to see Baby Friday putting the outfit I got her for Christmas to use.

  7. Those curtains were pretty awful anyways, amiright ladiez?

  8. Weird. I had that same song stuck in my head when I got up this morning.

    • Actually, I had Crimson & Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells stuck in my head when I got up this morning. Because I am Kevin Arnold and I am dancing with Susan Fisher but I really want to dance with Linda Sloane.

  9. More like Dance of the Seven Fails. Right guys?

  10. “Your doing it wrong”-Everyone who understands hijab.

    Respect the ‘Desh.

    • Also; yeah, I know it’s more of a niqab thing she has going on, but also a bindi? Is this video trying to bait Edward Said back to life out of sheer rage?

  11. The Universe kept telling her to stop. Tape Pause, restart. Tape Pause, restart. Tape Pause, restart.
    And yet, here we are.

  12. Dance of the seven foot long green curtains and bonus curtain rod

  13. Dance Party! WOO!

  14. I bet she has a really good story about climbing Mt. Everest.

  15. this concludes the use of my single dancing gif.

  16. OK, I think I get it. The belly dancer is us, and the curtain rod is Videogum. The video is a metaphor for December 23, 2010.

  17. Anecdote of the Belly Dancer

    I placed a belly dancer in Tennessee,
    And dance she did, upon a hill.
    It made the slovenly apartment
    Surround that stereo given to her by her sister.

    The curtain rose up to her,
    And sprawled around, no longer wild.
    The belly dancer was gyrating upon the beige carpet
    And tall and of a port in air.

    The curtain took dominion everywhere.
    The belly dancer was green and bare.
    She did not stay standing up,
    Like nothing else in Tennessee.

  18. It’s great to be back….and hip to be square or something.

    • It feels like I’m watching that ad on NBC where leslie is like were back and then donna is like we’re back? and then they milk that shot with donald glover yelling ALL NIGHT like three times and then they show their new thursday comedy night lineup which now has like a baker’s dozen shows once kath and kim comes back. but anyway this moment feels like leslie knope herself walked into my room and was like “we’re back” and all is well

  19. Hey guys,

    During these past two-ish weeks without Videogum I’ve been reflecting on how much time I spend on the internet. Sometimes I feel it really cuts into actual time I could have spent doing something truly productive, like calling a friend, reading a book, or getting outside and becoming more active.

    So I’ve decided to quit Videogum. It’s a hard decision but oh wait a bellydancer getting tangled in curtains nevermind I love you guys I’ll never be able to quit you what was I talking about?

  20. May we all be able to press ‘Play’ the first time this year. Happy New Year!

  21. In other news, the internet is still the internet. Happy 2011, everyone!

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